A ridiculous device that shoots 360 degrees using 16 GoPros as well as a platform for VR "Google Jump" revealed

"Japan time on May 29, 2015 (Friday) was held"Google I / O 2015At the platform for VR "Google Jump", GoPro camera rig for shooting 360-degree images"Jump rigAlthough it was announced, the official website of Google Jump has appeared and the details are clarified.

Jump - Google

"Jump rig" is a circular camera rig, you can set GoPro around the outer circumference.

Looking at from the side, you can see that 16 GoPros are located outside the circle. The model used is GoPro HERO 4.

With GoPro and Jump rig, it seems like you can shoot 360 degree photos like this and make VR contents.

Furthermore, as "Youtube + Jump", it seems that VR compatible movies can be seen on YouTube as well.

Google Jump is a service that can create and appreciate VR video at a lower price than existing VR creation means,Both creators and consumers can easily reach VR content, And that. In addition to GoPro, any camera on hand seems to be usable in theory. In addition, Google has created "The assemblerIt is also preparing special software called the name.

The Verge which actually touched the real machine of Jump rig said, "It was felt that the image with three-dimensional reality was clearly different from the existing 360-degree video with a well-made device, but the overall picture Sharp Saya, there is room for improvement in uploading images of people's face. "

Google's new Jump 3D videos are as trippy as the camera rig that makes them | The Verge

Jump rig seems to be fixed on a tripod etc.

Numbers are given inside the circle.

The bottom is structured as follows.

It is possible to attach a microphone for sound collection in the center.

You can actually view 3D images taken with Jump rig and GoPro HERO 3 + from the following, and you can move the gazing circle by moving the mouse.

In addition, GoProAcquired "36-degree VR video creation tool" Kolor "Then it is clearly stated on the official website that we are developing optional parts and software for VR as below.

Spherical solution Ultimate presence feel GoPro Official Website

Furthermore, the other day, "GoPro's quad-cotter will be released in the first half of 2016 and will enter the drone market", Nick Woodman, GoPro's CEO, was held the other dayCode conferenceIt is announced in.

GoPro will release a quadcopter in the first half of the year | The Verge

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