Android One is 4 times faster · 80% data compression · Memory is only 80 MB OK, YouTube and Google Maps can be used offline

The event held by Google on Today's "Google I / O 2015", A super-discount smartphone of about 10,000 yen to sell to emerging countries"Android One"Announced that it has a powerful function that allows you to use YouTube and Google Maps Navi offline while keeping the amount of data communication and memory usage to a large extent.

Google is a low-priced smartphone series for emerging countriesAndroid OneReleased.

Terminals are steadily increasing, contributing to the expansion of the market share of Android terminals in the global market including emerging countries.

On the other hand, the communication situation is not good in developing countries.

Therefore, it is important to save the amount of data communication on the Android One terminal.

Compare the normal mode (left) with the optimized mode (right) that saved the data. The speed of displaying the screen is also overwhelmingly higher in the optimization mode.

Contents such as images are displayed in normal mode, whereas extra content is omitted in optimization mode, so data save & explosion speed display is possible.

With Android One saved traffic, the loading time is 4 times faster, the data traffic volume is reduced by 80%, and the memory usage can be dramatically reduced down to 80MB. Even with 256 MB of memory, it seems to move with enough margin.

Android One has enhanced the offline support.

YouTube is available offline.

Google Maps is also available offline. Unlike traditional offline functions, turnban turn navigation function can be executed even offline.

It seems to change search on Google Maps.

Navigation to the destination can be used even in the offline state.

The powerful data save function of Android One which dramatically lowers memory usage and can use YouTube and Google Maps offline also seems to greatly improve usability of low-priced smartphone which is inferior to specs. These powerful functions are also wanted by other Android M terminals.

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