Artificial intelligence is potentially dangerous than nuclear weapons, Dr. Hawking warns that 'Artificial intelligence exceeds humans within 100 years'

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At the "Zeitgeist 2015" conference held in London in May 2015, Dr. Stephen Hawking talked about what humanity should do for artificial intelligence to greatly improve and not be controlled. Dr. Hawking in 2014Interview with BBC News"Evolution of artificial intelligence means the end of humanity", and he is alarming against artificial intelligence development.

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What Experts Think About the Existential Risks of Artificial Intelligence

In January 2015 Mr. Eulon Mask, Bill Gates, Dr. Stephen Hawking, and scholars and researchers, etc., to the safety standards of industries dealing with artificial intelligenceOpen letter, It is possible to control artificial intelligence safely at any time to prevent human beings from risking by malfunction of artificial intelligencefail safeWe should develop and research the system of.

While research on artificial intelligence was temporarily burning down, the artificial intelligence that IBM does learning, thinking and analyzing himself like a human himself "Watson"We began to draw attention once again as we developed medical-related developments. Artificial intelligence has a huge influence in the world, development by a global technology company such as Google and Facebook has been advanced, speech recognition assistant 'Siri' which is installed in iPhone · iPad developed by Apple and , Artificial intelligence has already been used in Google's automatic driving system and so on.Financial TimesAccording to 150 Silicon Valley startups are developing artificial intelligence.

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According to a survey on artificial intelligence conducted by Oxford University researchers Vincent Muller and Nick Bostrom in 2014, 18% of 170 researchers said "Artificial intelligence threatens human existence in the future There is sufficient possibility "and 13% answered that" artificial intelligence will be disadvantageous for humans in future ". Also, most researchers believe that artificial intelligence exceeds human intelligence is inevitable.

In 2014 Twitter in 2014, Ellon Mask muttered that "artificial intelligence needs to pay close attention to take potential hazards over nuclear weapons."

Mr. Ehlon Mask also said, "Mankind will be a catalyst for creating advanced artificial intelligenceBoot loaderI hope that it will not become, but the possibility of following that fate is high "muttering.

In a conference at "Zeitgeist 2015" held in London in May 2015, Dr. Hawk warned that artificial intelligence will exceed humans within the next 100 years. When artificial intelligence exceeds humanity, Dr. Hawking thinks that artificial intelligence needs to have a purpose to cooperate with human beings, and that development of artificial intelligence should be advanced so that human beings can control it. In addition, Dr. Hawking said our future will be a battle for wisdom using technology emerging forces and technology.


Mr. Nick, an expert in artificial intelligence at Oxford University, points out that intellectual levels will rise further in a short period of time after artificial intelligence reaches the human intellectual level. In the short term, "Who controls artificial intelligence is a problem?" In the long term, Dr. Hawking thinks that "whether it can control artificial intelligence itself is a question itself", scientists and technicians It is necessary to adjust artificial intelligence that does not exceed human control.

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