A nonprofit research organization of Artificial Intelligence "OpenAI" to prevent misuse of robots is established by prominent entrepreneurs and investors in the IT industry

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Google has acquired a number of robot companiesRobot developmentOr Amazon to reduce personnel costsIntroduced warehouse robotThe development of artificial intelligence (AI) is advanced worldwide, such as doing. In Nomura Research Institute in Japan "From now on, occupations that can be replaced by artificial intelligence and robots 100"Was announced and attracted attention. Amid actively developing artificial intelligence and robots, a non-profit research institution that gathers entrepreneurs and investors representing the United States and makes AI open sourceOpenAI"Was established.


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OpenAI, which is a nonprofit research organization, needs to have a research institution that can develop at a dramatic speed and have human-level capabilities to determine whether AI can contribute to humanity more than self-interest It was founded in mind. It is the aim of the establishment to not only benefit certain enterprises and governments with the developed AI, but also to make people around the world receive the benefits of AI.

I donated to OpenAI,Space XYaTesla MotorsTo handleEarlon maskMr., co-founder of LinkedInLead Garrett HoffmanMr., the founder of PayPalPeter · sealMr. Jessica Livingstone, co-founder of Y Combinator, is a so-called member, Mr. Mask and Mr. Sam Altman, president of Y Combinator, will jointly serve as chairman. He also said he hired researchers engaged in the development of AI in companies such as Google, Facebook and Deep Mind as officials.

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Mr. Mask previously said that "artificial intelligence is more dangerous than nuclear," shows a concern about the dangers of AI, has a $ 10 million (about 1.2 billion yen) research program to conduct research to prevent misuse of AIDonationAlthough it is a person who has done it, Y Combinator invests in IT companies, but it does not invest heavily in the AI ​​field.

However, in an interview on OpenAI that Medium of IT media went to two people, Y Combinator Altman said, "Think about what will be the most important for humanity in the future, Perhaps it should contain AI.This is the reason for establishing OpenAI.The research institute developing AI that can contribute to humanity is OpenAI.Announced as non-profit, the result of development is shared not by us but by human beings We will reveal the reasons for the establishment. "


On the other hand, Mr. Mask said, "We want to spread AI all over the world, if AI realizes, do you want a lot of AIs or less, we have a lot of AI is better for the world AI is like a human extension.You should not think that it is a stranger when using email, SNS, or an app, which means that email, SNS and apps are special to you It is like expanding with the ability to give it.This way of thinking, we want to incorporate in AI, "he talked about the reason for the establishment of OpenAI.

Mr. Mask said, "If I find a dangerous element for humanity on AI development, I will release it to the public," he says, "It is not going to happen that I am concerned about the dangers of AI Although it is not dangerous, it is a challenge to develop AI is the possibility that many occupations will be replaced by AI and robot by automation, "he mentioned the possibility that AI has a bad influence on humanity .


In addition, Mr. Mask said about "non-commercializing research institutions," We believe that the greatest defense against AI's misuse is to encourage many people to possess AI, If a person has an AI, I can avoid the situation that "few people have the ability to transcend humans". " Also, Mr. Altman says, "Of course you can earn money with OpenAI, but we are not thinking about raising profits, so it does not happen that shareholders will be making money with OpenAI," I talked about the reason.

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