Eight clues to be careful about health such as "Do not search for sickness at Google"

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Unfortunately as people age, people will face health problems anyone. As we can be healthy for a long period of time, we prevent diseases that come down by exercising and correcting diet, but some of them are based on wrong knowledge. I've written articles on a number of health issuesVoxJulia Belluza and Sarah Kliff learned from their experience "Eight clues to be careful about health"Is released to the public.

No more dieting, and 7 other things we do differently after reporting on health care - Vox

◆ 1: Stop short-term intensive diet
Belluza 's answer that Ms. Belluza said that he studied the diet method from the aspect of science while writing a diet article based on his own experiences is that "like taking supplements and changing eating habits severely" Do not do short-term concentrated type diet. " Short-term intensive diet may cause weight gain if looked at in the long term. If you are going to diet, it is better to reduce your weight slowly over a long period, such as taking a healthy meal, reducing the calorie intake so as not to strain the body, and incorporating a healthy lifestyle rhythm It is said that it is good for a wallet.


◆ 2: Ignoring health news
Belluz says that "There is a certain food good for healthy" every day like news concerning health, but "Do not believe everything" is claimed. Health-related news is based on actual research done, but some of the research content is not worthy of believing. Especially to believe in the results guided by only one study is dangerous, we analyzed several comparative test resultsMeta-analysisYaSystematic ReviewWe should refer to that.

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◆ 3: The hospital has a risk
In the United States, it is found that the number of people who die due to medical errors is larger than the number of people who die of cancer and AIDS. Approximately 1.5 million incidents occurred each year when the wrong medication was administered to the patient, and some hospitals were sicknessed due to the fact that the nurse did not wash their hands. If you get sick, you should go to the hospital and ask the doctor for a diagnosis, but you should understand that the hospital occasionally becomes a dangerous place.

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◆ 4: Stop gugling on health related
It is true that there are many people searching for cases on Google if you feel something is wrong, but some of them are not worth trusting at all in the search results. If you find something that matches your case, there is a possibility of being wrong, and it is not the best choice to believe only on the information on the Internet.


◆ 5: Oral contraceptives are not good
Pills (oral contraceptives) are forgetting to drink, mistakes in ingesting time, etc., artificial mistakes are inevitable. As if to prove it, the probability of getting pregnant even if taking a pill is 6%. Instead of a pill Kliff usesIUDIntrauterine contraceptive device called. The type of IUD that the doctor embeds in the uterus lasts contraceptive for several years and there is no human error like a pill. However, some people feel mild pain.

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◆ 6: If the doctor prescribes antibiotics, be alert
Although antibiotics are ineffective for infectious diseases such as influenza and bronchitis, they may be incorrectly prescribed. It took place from 1996 to 2000InvestigationIt has been found that antibiotics were prescribed in 71% of patients with infectious diseases. If unnecessarily ingesting antibiotics, it seems to become a cause of becoming resistant to bacteria in the body.

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◆ 7: too many cancer screening is not good
It seems that there is nothing wrong with taking cancer checkups regularly for the early detection of cancer, according to Belluz, a cancer checkup may give treatment that is unnecessary to a healthy person, anxiety It is said that it may sometimes wastefully bleed or remove a benign tumor.

Thyroid cancer in Korea in New England Journal of MedicineInvestigationSo, when we promoted cancer screening in the country-led campaign, we know that the number of thyroid cancer patients has increased 20 times in 20 years. However, the number of deaths due to thyroid cancer in the past twenty years has not changed, resulting in merely increasing the number of cancer patients. Belluz pointed out, "Although government campaigns were successful, nothing has been made regarding treatment for thyroid cancer."

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"All cancer checkups are not bad," Belluz said in a preliminary statement, "You should receive it after you hear the risk of cancer screening to a doctor and you can not say that it is better to get cancer checkups" It is.

◆ 08: Medical insurance contract with a small number of doctors
One of the medical insurance in the United States is called "Narrow networks" that insurance is applied only to treatment by a few doctors. Registered in Narrow networks is not the best physician in the U.S. but users can control medical expenses.Investigation of MITThen, it turns out that the person who switched to Narrow networks has suppressed the medical expenses by about one-third than before. However, Kliff says "Narrow networks can not be recommended for those who desire treatment by a doctor such as a special doctor, such as a lung cancer specialist."

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Belluza and Kliff 's assertions are somewhat biased, but it looks good to keep in mind.

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