Mathematics test results proved to be dependent on classroom temperature

ByFelix Neumann

It became clear that there is a strong correlation between mathematical test results and temperature. It is certain that the students will continue to excuse the excuse that "The result of mathematics was poor because the room was hot."

Temperature and Human Capital in the Short- and Long-Run

Paper finds a surprising link between warm temperatures and math test scores - The Washington Post

University of California, BerkeleyJoshua Graph JibinProfessors have discovered that there is a strong correlation between "mathematical test scores" and "temperature" in the tested environment. According to Professor Zhimbin, who tracked a total of 8003 students, the score of the exam began to decline when the room temperature exceeded 21 degrees, and the results worsen proportionately to 26 degrees. Surprisingly, in mathematics exams, the deterioration of the performance accompanying the rise in temperature clearly appeared, whereas in the examination in the reading (national language) it was said that there was no significant difference at all.

ByUS Department of Education

Professor Zhimbin said, "Roughly speaking, when the room temperature rises from 70 degrees Celsius (about 21 degrees) to 87 degrees Celsius (about 31 degrees), mathematics results are 1.6PercentileAlso it will decline. This statistical difference can not be ignored in America, given that the professions and incomes after graduation are greatly influenced by the results of mathematics tests. "

It is thought that the cause of mathematics performance deteriorating due to temperature rise is because the brain generates a lot of fever at the time of thought. If the temperature is high it will not be able to handle the heat well and it will be overheated and the test result of mathematics will be worse. For the same reasons, it seems that military research knows that soldiers dealing with complex tasks make more mistakes in a burning battlefield.


According to Professor Zivin, as the temperature affects the test results of mathematics,Long-term learning outcomes are not related to temperatureIt is also statistically clarified that it is also. In other words, even if the result of the test temporarily deteriorates due to the rise in the temperature, there is no influence on the long learning span, so the excuse is that it is hot because it did not pass the university. It does not seem to do.

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