Reason why the educational level in Finland is the world top level

In 2012An announcement by BBCFinland, which is said to be the best in the ranking of the education level from the international test result between 2006 and 2010 and the ranking calculated from the graduation rate of the student, the secret of the world top level education is It is summarized.

The secret of Finland's stellar schools - The Week

This content summarizes what Kim, who was from the United States, studied at a high school in Finland for three months before he realized it. According to Mr. Kim, "It seemed that the students seemed to accept school education", so even a bad boy who smokes when going out does not make it noisy at the time of class, write an essay It seems that they had been writing up to the end just like any other student.

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However, it is not that school cramming education by intense curriculum is done, and the number of attendance days of high school is about 190 days, which was done in JapanYutori educationIt is about the same degree. Teachers are also enthusiastic about education, teacher Stella noticed Kim who is suffering from Finnish lessons, making opportunities to grasp the rudimentary part of the language using the children's story as a teaching material , There is a notion that it does not make "falling overflow".


In most American universities, the Faculty of Education is known as one of the faculties that can be graduated most easily and anyone can accept it if you like children. However, in Finland, majoring in the Faculty of Education is the same level as majoring in the medical department in the US, and the level of the educational university is alsoGeorgetown UniversityYaUniversity of California, BerkeleyIt is necessary to obtain a master's degree from the postgraduate school.

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In the case of Ms. Stella who served Kim, in order to become a teacherJyväskyläI studied at university for 6 years. I spent the first four years studying Finnish literature, and the teacher training program started from the fourth grade. He then entered the master 's degree in order to acquire the master' s degree, and finally he was able to qualify as a teacher for the first year by doing hands - on practical training at the national university of the highest level in the country.


Furthermore, in Finland,Economic Cooperation and Development Organization(OECD) international student learning achievement surveyPISASo, the top grades are stably maintained, and Japan has also entered the top ten in three areas of "reading comprehension ability", "mathematical literacy", and "scientific literacy".

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