Internet Explorer 11 preview version for Windows 7 can be downloaded

Internet Explorer 11 is a browser that Microsoft is expecting as the eyeball of Windows 8.1, and the preview version for Windows 8 isPreview version of Windows 8.1 itselfIt was released in a form to be bundled with. Although it was said that it will be offered also for Windows 7, simultaneous publication is not done, and it becomes possible to download at last finally.

Internet Explorer 11 Preview - Microsoft Windows

Click "Download Now" on the above page to start the download of the installer. The file size is 1.24 MB.

When I downloaded "IE11 - Windows 6.1.exe" is activated ... ....

The necessary files for installation are downloaded again.

In addition, you can not cancel it on the way, if you leave it alone, installation of IE 11 is completed and you will be asked to restart. Uninstallation is possible at a later time, but it is not possible to coexist with the IE 11 preview version and other versions.

As with IE 10 and others at the initial startup, you will be asked about the settings of the SmartScreen filter function. If you want to set it later, click "Later to confirm".

It looks like IE 9 or later, it has not changed so much. All the menus are in Japanese.

Version is "11.0.9600.16384"

However, on the Basic Authentication screen, it seems that the text of the dialogue remains English and it is not completely Japanese.

When uninstalling, open "Programs and Features" on the control panel and click "Installed Updates" on the left side menu.

If you uninstall "Internet Explorer 11" and "Internet Explorer 11 ja-JP Language Pack" in the list on the right side and restart it, you will return to the environment before installation.

Microsoft emphasizes that "IE 11 is a different thing from the past IE", and I am also making a movie "Rethink the relationship with IE" as follows.

Rethink Your Relationship With Internet Explorer - YouTube

"What do you really think about Internet Explorer?"

Prepare a panel divided into 5 stages from the intimate relationship of "Soulmate!" To "I can not return anymore" at the end of the day and listen to the people who travel along the relationship with IE Seeing ......

It is positioned further out of the bottom than the bottom ... ...

It is the worst relationship.

Mashi just leaves us in the middle, it is pretty trivial result.

Having those people experience IE 11 ......


This woman who does not seem to be interested ......

Unexpectedly niccolli

To the convenience of image search ......


Men listening to explanation with arms

While watching the recipe, it is quite convenient to split the screen and display the movie in the cooking process.

Feeling like "ho ho"

At first, the impression of everyone was not good, but ...

It is considerably improved compared to before.

Some people made me soul mate.

Level of unexpected marriage.

This experience movie uses the one for Windows 8 to the last, but is Windows 7 users even if IE 11 is used, will the impression change significantly?

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