I ate 'Shrimp fried rice bowl' of 'Shiya' which is a luxury shrimp with 5 shrimps fried

"Taya" which has more than 300 shops in various places in Japan, the menu of five buds fried tofu with Dawn from April 24 (Friday) 2015, also its name is "Prawn fried rice bowl"Is provided. I decided to eat at the shop how the fried shrimp fried rice bowl finished by manual preparation was finished.

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I arrived at a shop in a little.

It was a limited time fair menu, and of course it was also announced at the shop.

About the table I will order prawn fried rice bowl and broth juice at once.

Waiting In less than 5 minutes, fried prawn fried rice (637 yen including tax) and broth (108 yen including tax) have been brought.

The shrimp fried rice bowl has cabbage on top of the rice dish and 5 pieces of freshly fried shrimp fried on it. Taste the nose on the fly with a nice aroma that plenty of sauce is plentiful.

When looking closely, mayonnaise was added a little so as to hide under the shrimp fly.

Immediately prawn shrimp fried. It is crispy as it is just fried, plenty of volume feeling coupled with sweetly finished sauce.

Prawns of shrimps too. I feel a faint salty taste, it seems that the flavor of shrimp has been complemented.

Mayonnaise on fried food is iron plate in iron plate. As a result, shrimp fried with attached mayonnaise is also exceptional. Strongly speaking, the shrimp seems to be slightly smaller than the menu picture, but I never felt dissatisfied because I was not so small as to feel small.

Tonki is a classic finish with pig, radish, carrots and konjac. There is no strong individuality so everyone can taste it with confidence.

Even if three fried shrimp fried, it is still a happy moment that there are still two left. As the sauce is also applied to rice which started looking at her face, it seems like she can enjoy Gatsuguri and shrimp fried rice bowl until the end.

Sometimes eating together pickled items placed on the table, the inside of the mouth is reset to good feeling Good.

Slightly unfortunately, the shrimp fried on this day was plain with only one source. Even then you can eat it by putting a cutlet sauce placed on the table OK. It is good that there is a change in tasting with a tongcut sauce that is different from a shrimp fried sauce with a spicy tangerine sauce.

Slightly shrimp fried rice is on sale for a limited period of about 1 month from April 24. As it is scheduled to end in the second half of May, it seems better to visit people who want to eat snack fried snooks early

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