Seiyu Mitsuhiro & Mr. Inanoi's Public Wedding Report in Machi ★ Asobi vol.14

It was held in Tokushima city from May 3rd to 5th in 2015Machi ★ Asobi vol.14At the voice actorMitsuhiro MitsuiWithInanoi Nana'S public wedding ceremony was held. As you can see, the slogan of Machi ★ Asobi vol.14 "Happy wedding! All people celebrate the gore ★ Assobi!" As you can see, I have seen the grand wedding situation involving a lot of people.

Machi ★ Asobi Mitarai Mitsuhiro & amp; Nana Inogami Public wedding ceremony

It was sunny weather after a light rain fell and stopped the day before, but on the wedding day it was blessed with fine weather. On the stage behind Shinchochabashi Eastern Park, I am preparing for my wedding ceremony since morning.

This place is setting the flowers for decorating on the stage.

Flowers were also decorated in the cake.

A florist's truck arrived next to the stage. It is full of colorful flowers.

At the headquarters tent next to Shinchochabashi East Park, a wedding guide is posted.

For those who gave the donation, as a gift, there were "bride candy" distributed in marriage in the custom of Tokushima prefecture and a picture of the bride and groom that he took down with a tuxedo dress.

The back of the picture is like an invitation letter.

In the headquarters tent and Boardwalk, ceremonial distribution was distributed from the morning of 4th May. It is chic black and white design.

Looking at the formula, the wedding ceremony and wedding reception were organized in succession, and on the right hand side of the formula was also the lyrics of the hymn sung in the wedding ceremony.

Just before the opening ceremony, a lot of people gathered at Shinchomachi East Park in the wedding venue.

Customers are also shiny at Shincho-bashi and the other side.

The dress code was not particularly made, but there were also customers who dress up and participate.

The wedding ceremony advances in parallel with cleaning up the event before the East Park stage.

Celebration flowers ......

Prepare a red carpet.

A red carpet was laid also on the stairs leading to the stage.

Maver is assisting the venue following the auction.

As guests and relatives of the bride and groom enter the front row, the guests will move according to Mavel's guidance.

Choirs and pianist performers are ready on stage as well.

The moderator of the wedding ceremony is also a junior of Mr. InoueKaomi YamaWas in charge.

First of all, the mother of the groom entered the stage. It will be greeted with big applause from the hall.

Next was the admission of the priest.

And from the back of the Shimachi boardwalk ......

Mr. Inogami of the bride appeared accompanied by President Miyuki Mioka of Vims which belongs to the office.

Mr. Mika leads Mr. Inokami toward Mr. Mitarai just as he says "I will ask my daughter."

Mr. Munichi is a tuxedo and Inogami is a figure wearing a corolla in a pure white dress.

Where the leading characters on the stage are complete, we sing hymns according to the accompaniment of the piano.

Following the biblical reading and praying by the priest, rings are exchanged.

Show off matching matching rings to customers.

Mr. Municipal raised Mr. Inogami's veil ... ...

Two people exchanging vows after the word of the priest 's "Now you may kiss the bride."

The hall was enveloped with a big applause.

A blessing voice was also applied from a roundabout ship that passed the Shinmachi River behind the stage.

The blessing of the blessing by the priest was interlaced with Japanese and English.

To the last of the wedding ceremonial chorus of hymns again.

The reception will be held following the ceremony. Mr. Kakuma acted as a moderator.

One of the guests' greetings at the reception was Kondo Hikari Producer. In honor of the courage of the two who thought that the wedding ceremony was carried out under fine weather and wanted to carry out the wedding ceremony in front of the crowd, which was accompanied by the children to family ★ Asobi I was hoping that it would come.

On behalf of guests on the groom side, Mr. Mitsurigi belongs to Mouse Promotion President Noriya Noriaki, the second person to express guests.

The third guest greeted by Mr. Mioka, president of Vims from the guest of the bride.

Next to the greeting by guests, Kanako Sakai spoke on behalf of a friend of the bride and groom. Mr. Sakai and Inogami said "NanakanaWe've had a unit called 'Hello!

At the end of the speech, it is finally a cake entry sword.

A large three-tiered cake was prepared on the stage.

A knife is handed to Mr. Mitai and Mr. Inoue.

Two people cut the knife together and entered the sword.

After entering the swords, we will eat cake each other. From the bride to the groom, let me eat cake in the sense that I will make delicious rice for the rest of my life .... Here comes a huge spoon. It is about the size to be transmitted to people on the other side.

Inokami scoops the cake a lot. Mr. Mitsuri finished eating a cake somehow holding a spoon with both hands.

Followed by Bouquetos. First, guests' single women gather at the front of the stage and wait for the bouquet.

A bride and groom turns to the back and throws a bouquet.

My momentum was too good and I flew back to the side ... ...

I got it safely.

Next is a bouquet suit towards the customer. Mr. Mitarai will perform a broccoli toss. I do not know what you are talking about, but I truly will throw all the broccoli into the audience.

Broccoli thrown toward the back of the audience was caught perfectly.

For customers who got broccoli, mayonnaise with Mr. Mitokoro and Inogami signature gifts was given.

The next is a commemorative photo shoot together with the audience seats.

Mr. Municipal also shoots while kissing Mr. Inogami's cheek.

After the commemorative photograph, the groom and groom from the bride. Mr. Inogam seems to have made public his idea so far with blogs and so on, but it is said that it will be made public to such a large number until the wedding ceremony, and it is surprised and delighted that we could perform a wedding ceremony with Akibi I expressed it in a greeting.

Mr. Mitarai seems to be unfamiliar with the speech and seems to be very nervous. Looking at Mr. Inogami who encourages Mr. Ichigo from the side, the venue has a wonderful atmosphere. Mr. Munakoshi conveyed gratitude to the guests who came to the venue and greeted that they will warmly watch over as two people will continue to act as voice actors in the future.

And the wedding ended safely.

When I leave the stage, Mr. Ichinose and Mr. Inokami who are sent off by a flower shower by customers and smile full.

Two people walked on top of the Shimachi board walk on which red carpet was laid, wrapped in applause and flowers.

After the public wedding ceremony, Mr. Inoue and Mr. Mitai are tweeting their thoughts.

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