Research is under way to easily analyze stomach cancer by breathing out


Cancer treatment using nano diamondsYaNew technology to safely separate cancer cells from blood by sound wavesVarious techniques related to cancer such as cancer have been developed, but newlyIsrael Institute of TechnologyThe research team led by Mr. Hossam Haick announced the results of a study on how to analyze stomach cancer by breathing out.

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Scientists are working on a breath test to diagnose stomach cancer | The Verge

Currently, there are X-ray examination and endoscopic examination using a stomach camera, etc. for the method of examining stomach cancer, but not all can be easily examined. Also, in Japan and Korea where there is a high rate of death from stomach cancer, gastric cancer is generally examined,Europe with less morbidity of stomach cancerSo people do not pay attention to stomach cancer too much, the onset is easily overlooked, and two people in three are late to be found.

Therefore, the research team started developing a method to analyze human's breath and discover cancer. Initially it can analyze chemical substances accuratelyMass spectrometryWe used it, but we abandoned it due to high cost and time, instead we switched to nanoarray analysis which analyzes gastric cancer and non-gastric cancer with molecular patterns without analyzing chemical substances. The analytical instrument consists of an organic film that detects molecules and a layer that converts the detected reaction into an electrical signal.

When 484 subjects including 99 patients before gastric cancer treatment were examined, 92% of the subjects succeeded in distinguishing between stomach cancer and non-gastric cancer. The false detection was very accurate as 2%.

However, since the number of samples is small in this study, it is unknown whether the stomach cancer can be analyzed with high accuracy even when the number of examiners is increased. If it becomes possible to examine stomach cancer only by exhaling, it will be possible to carry out easy examination for a few minutes and it is thought that it will lead to the early detection of cancer, and in the future increase the number of samples of patients and at least 2 · I will continue my research for three years.

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