Why do we have to endure advertising?


A masked mask artist whose graffiti is sold for 100 million yenBanksyIs doing scribbles in the Gaza Strip of Palestine, and selling works at 6000 yen per point, hiding the fact that it is his own picture on the street. That Banksy is giving a message saying "Why do companies control their messages to display in public places and why do they have to endure it?"

A poster like a bottle on a red background looks like an advertisement of Coca-Cola at first glance, but the bottle is filled with white letters. This is Banksy's message to the graphic designerKarina NurdinovaSan made a poster.

I translated this message into Japanese for the role of actor who is a script writerTakeshi KondoHas opened to you.

Tsukasa Kondo - Timeline pictures | Facebook

"You are always stupid ... every day, they put their heads in your life, humbly deprive you, and then disappear.

They make me feel like I was a small presence overlooking Nitanita and you from a skyscraper. You are unattractive and sinking in your head that everyone is enjoying where you are not.

They use television to make your girls uneasy and make you confident. I am bullying you guys with the latest technology. These guys are those who make advertisements.

And they are laughing about you. But you can not touch them. Trademarks, intellectual property, and copyright law mean that they can say no matter where they are and what they do.

It's such a rule shit.

Advertisements that are displayed in public places and in which you absolutely can not see it are yours. Even if you take it, arrange it, you can use it. You can use that advertisement any way.

It's like asking permission for it, asking the stone thrown at your head "Can I use this?" You do not owe anything to the companies advertising. Borrowing is less than zero. There is no need for you to behave kindly. Companies owe you.

They have been making the world so that you can give priority to your business from the general public. They never asked for your permission. That's why you do not have to absolutely ask companies for permission.

Mr. Kondo who translated, "What kind of messages and publicity is being sent to public places that should be" everyone's place ", it is not everyone but the fact that the company is controlling.The criticism of it I will give you "words.

This message is "Cut It OutAlthough it was what was stated in Banksy's book named "According to graphic designer Sean Tejaratchi, The message is that there is a part quoted from Mr. Tejaratchi's book "Crap Hound". Tejaratchi did not take a negative attitude toward the quote and the message was inspired by Mr. Sean Tejaratchi's book by Banksy, but as for the advertisement of the casually watching city in general It makes me realize very important things.

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