Ghibli's "Spirited Away" is finished in an 8-bit game style

Animated movie of Studio Ghibli "Spirited Away」, A movie that made it possible to fully reveal the whole story with a nostalgic Famicom-like 8-bit game tailoring is"Spirited Away - 8 Bit Cinema"is. Publish moviesCine FixIn the pastForest GumpYaBlade runnerAlso arranged masterpieces such as 8 bit style movies.

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"SPIRITED AWAY (English title of" Spirited Away ")

The movie starts from one car. Wandering in the forest whether I made a mistake in the way.

I found a mysterious building. Father and mother curiously entering the building.

Chihiro chases after two people just to say "Please wait!"

Beyond the tunnel ...

It was a mysterious city.

When walking in the city, my father and mother go to somewhere, "I smell sweet".

Two men mugmog by hand.

It was Haku who appeared in Chihiro who was giving up and was haphazard. I was told "get back soon!", And I will be able to return to my parents carelessly ......


When it comes to our parents who have become pigs, the ship will come.

And when Chihiro 's body disappeared, Haku appeared again. "If you do not eat something of this world you will disappear", let Chihiro eat foods like mysterious dumplings.

Next is a scene that crosses a bridge that continues to an oil shop. "Please do not breathe while crossing the bridge" from Haku.

However, he was found in an oil company employee on the way, and from here it explores the oil shop alone by Chihiro.

If you are going down a long staircase ......

The stairs are broken ......

Crash into the wall.

When I entered the boiler room, there was a giant spider grandpa called Kama that heard from Haku. I desire a job to Kaji but it is sorry for me.

However, Suwatari who was carrying coal in front of me was crushed ... ...

Help this and throw coal into the kettle.

Next, I encountered an employee Rin of an oil shop who brought a mess.

Take the elevator with Lin. It is not phosphorus that we are riding along with the elevator together.

Chihiro who reached somewhere.

When called "Come" ...

It is pulled by something force ......

I was brought to the mysterious room roughly with the Vitan.

Here also Chihiro who desires work "I want to work here."

Stickiness without defeating the pressure of Yubusaka ... ...

Get a job in an oil shop in exchange for your name.

As soon as I'm doing cleaning ...

Encounter with Kaonashi. "Do not get wet there? Here, I will open it," Kao Nashi will kindly respond with a favorable response and will make it up.

Subsequently I cleaned Oosu with gossyping.

Then Kaonashi comes up again and gives a large amount of medicinal water bill.

And the God of Oxare appeared.

I will enter Dobu and Oota.

I use the medicinal water tags given to Kaonashi ......

Pull out garbage stuck in Oxare god ... ...

Get a brilliant dumpling. It was the god of the river that came out of Oxare God.

Next is the scene where Haku who became a white dragon fights something.

After chasing after ... ....

Haku was getting drunk.

Bou and Zenkya also appeared.

After getting wrong one after another ......

I returned to the boiler room.

If we give rice dumplings got from the god of the river here to Haku ......

Somehow it was restored.

Next time I will let Kaanashi runaway to eat dumplings ......

It is chased here.

Although Yubusaki stands ......

It will be repulsed without a hitch.

However, it managed to escape somehow.

Then board the train with Kaonashi and the rats ......

Arrived at a house.

What I was waiting for was a young woman 's elder sister. I will get a hair stitch.

And on a rainy day ride in Haku to Let's go to an oil shop.

I remember that Haku 's identity was "Kohaku" when riding in Haku.

Chihiro was supposed to be able to get her parents returned by anything more.

"Grandma, here neither father nor mother"

An employee who had turned into a pig as "big hit ~ !!" cried, succeeded in successfully regaining parents safely.

Then they went through the tunnel and returned to the former world.

The movie is slightly longer, 4 minutes and 38 seconds, but fine parts are well reproduced and it is worth a look.

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