Apple Watch's disturbing manufacturing costs obviously turned out to be the lowest cost rate among Apple products

Handle a wide range of business related informationIHS TechnologyButApple WatchFor each part and investigated how much the cost is. By matching the report and the data of IHS Technology in the past, it turned out that Apple Watch is the lowest cost price product among all Apple hardware products.

New Apple Watch Has Lowest Ratio of Hardware Costs to Retail Price, IHS Teardown Reveals - IHS Technology

The parts composition of Apple Watch Sport is like this. Micron's 512 MB memory, Toshiba's 8 GB flash storage, LG's organic EL display, and so on. The body adopts the aluminum unibody familiar with Apple products.

And IHS Technology announced the submodel "Apple Watch Sport(38 mm) "This is the member cost list of this. The display touch screen is $ 20.5 (about 2450 yen), the processor costs 10.2 dollars (about 1220 yen), the memory set is 7.2 dollars (about 860 yen), a total of 81.2 dollars (about 9720 yen). We add the processing cost to this and estimate that the manufacturing cost per unit is 83.7 dollars (about 10,000 yen).

The selling price of Apple Watch Sport (38 mm) of 1 ten thousand yen is 349 dollars (42800 yen by tax in Japan), so the cost rate is about 24%. Since this price ratio is a cheap version of Apple Watch Sport (38 mm), the highest tax of 2.18 million yenApple Watch Edition(Modern buckle model) is a very interesting point about how much the cost rate.

According to IHS Technology, the lowest cost rate of Apple products so far is 29%, so Apple Watch seems to be said to be the lowest cost rate in Apple products, or "profitable" product. The manufacturing costs issued in the report are calculated only from the materials and labor costs, and they do not include development expenses used until Apple Watch was born, investment in the production line, advertisement expenses, etc. Therefore, "about 1 Although it does not mean that Apple Watch can be created if it is 10 million yen, "it is certain that Apple Watch will become a" profitable product "with a low cost rate once Apple recovers fixed costs.

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