Study reveals how "moderate" of "moderate exercise" is


It is said that "moderate exercise" is necessary for health and longevity, but it has not been clear how far this amount of "moderate" is. It is said that "excessive exercise is bad for the body", but in a new study, it seems that it turned out exactly how much exercise to do in the week is "moderate".

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"Dosage" is determined for medicine to avoid disease, but the exercise, which is said to lower the risk of illness as well, is different from medicine where it is difficult to decide "proper amount" unconditionally. In general it is said that exercise 150 minutes per week is necessary for keeping health, but it is said that "How much momentum is necessary at the minimum and how ideal is," and "How much exercise is harmful to the body There are many unknown points such as "What kind of more effective exercise is?"

But,American National Cancer InstituteAnd the research team of Harvard University are centered on the middle-agedStudied based on 661 thousand people's data, The answer to the above question was derived.


Researchers first hierarchized the data of 661 thousand people by exercise time per week of each person and exercise more than 10 times the currently recommended momentum from those who do not exercise at all I divided it up to people. In addition, "exercise more than 10 times the currently recommended exercise amount" means exercise more than 25 hours a week.

When comparing their health data with the death records of the past 14 years, it is natural that the group with the highest risk of early life was "not exercising at all". However, unexpectedly it turned out that the risk of early life is as much as 20% less than in the group without exercise, even in the group saying "We did not reach the recommended exercise amount but some exercise". And the group exercising exactly the recommended amount of 150 minutes per week said that the risk of death was 31% lower than the group not exercising at all. People in this group seem to have been able to live longer with healthy bodies.

Meanwhile, the risk of death of the group that had been walking weekly for 450 minutes, which is about 3 times the recommended amount, was 39% lower than the group not exercised at all, and recommended exercise was recommended despite 3 times momentum It was a result that was not much different from the group I had been doing. Furthermore, the mortality rate of people who had exercised more than 10 times the recommended amount was almost the same as those who exercised just the recommended amount. In other words, although it did not result in "excessive exercise is bad for your health", the effect of exercise begins to slowly begin to fall down to a point where it does not differ from the recommended amount finally when it exceeds a certain amount.

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In another studyWhen the health survey data of 200 thousand Australians were examined, it was found out how much intense exercise and momentum were appropriate. Researchers compared the health survey data and statistics on death and found that if exercising the recommended amount of "150 minutes per week", even if it is a calm way of walking, you can lower the risk of early life I understood. At this time, if 30% of the exercise in 150 minutes a week is changed to intense exercise, the mortality rate drops further by 9%, and if you spend more than 30% on intense exercise, the death rate will drop by 13%. In other words, the result that "intense exercise increases the mortality rate" did not come out.

Of course, there are individual differences, but what you can derive from the above two studies is that you can not say that "exercise is too bad for your body". To live long in a healthy body it is "to do exercise for 150 minutes a week, for 20 to 30 minutes it is good to move your body vigorously".

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