Fathers who follow daughter 's school attendance using drone are talking about

On April 22, 2015Drone crashes to the prime minister's official residenceA case to happen occurred, but in overseas the father taking a daughter's school drunk in drone is called "hovering parent", "overprotective parent", "the most troubling parent in the world", taken up in many media It is drawing attention, such as being able to do.

UPDATE: Dad watches over daughter with drone

World's Most Embarrassing Dad Has Drone Follow Daughter to School | TIME

Swiss Post and Matternet will partner on drone mail delivery service.

Matternet meets Matterhorn as Swiss World Cargo readies for drone trial - The Loadstar

Mr. Chris Early is an engineer who runs a video company and was interested in what he could do with the drone. Katy, a daughter who will be eight years old at that time, asks "I want to go to school alone", he seems to have come up with an idea of ​​using a drone.

When I actually shot my daughter's school attendance using a drone, various people are looking up at the drones and confirmed that my daughter "totally daddy" said. Early who used a drone in a joke, said, "I never thought that the world would pay much attention."

While drone is used in a relaxed situation, the Swiss government's state-owned businessSwiss PostI am about to begin a mail service using a drone. The Swiss PostMatternetWe are planning to carry out a trial of delivery using drone this summer with Drone 's company. The weight of mail items that Drone can carry is 2.2 pounds (about 1 kg) in weight, and the distance is within 12 miles (about 19 km). The drones autonomously fly destinations determined by cloud computing software.

It is announced that the main purpose of pilot operation is "to clarify the legal framework in consideration of the local situation." Drone from Matternet has already been tested in Haiti, and in collaboration with the Swiss Post, delivery opportunities in a complex environment were obtained.

In addition, America's news siteTechCrunchAccording to Matternet's drones 'flight time is longer than other companies' drones. It is possible that delivery service using drone spreads to this as a machine.

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