Yuzu pepper & Nanami sauce "Japanese crispy chicken set meal" with Japanese-style crispy sauce was eaten at Matsuya

Matsuya put a Japanese style crisp sauce made of Matsuya specially on chicken thigh baked with iron plate from Thursday April 23, 2015, and added a half-round egg "Set lunch chicken setWe are on sale. In fact I went to a shop to eat it to check the taste of a spicy spicy sauce that made Yuzu pepper and Shichida pepper effective.

Taratama Chicken set menu new release! | Matsuya Foods

Arrived in Matsuya.

Looking at the shop front poster, it was announced free service of rice spera.

I entered a shop and ordered "Taratta Chicken W (Double) Set meal" (930 yen including tax). The set meal is set of chicken, raw vegetables, rice and miso soup.

Because W set meal, the amount of chicken is twice. There was a spoon to eat easier.

Lingerie and paste for condiments.

Half egg is also attached.

There are plenty of Japanese-style lively sauce made by Matsuya special.

First of all, we went to chicken with Japanese style whistling sauce and pakuri. Soy sauce flavored with yuzu pepper is a strong Teriyaki sauce, and the flavor of Shichigi chilli is also effective and it seasoned seasoned seasoned even if it is attached to rice cake.

Because seasoning of quite dark eyes, rice goes well. If you order W set meal, rice is good for rice.

Next, lift the semi-egg-shaped egg attached to the edge of the dish with a spoon ...

After placing it on the chicken, I tried to break the spoon. The yolk creates from the top of the chicken.

When I tried eating yolk in chicken, it was compatible with Teriyaki sauce and neutralized mildly the seasoning of dark eyes.

When I was eating for a while, my mouth became tired from the salty sauce of the sauce. It is a pleasing place to have a salad because it is a set meal.

As for the sauce which was finished to a thick eye, it was a level which can not be completely eaten if the person who likes the taste was a level, so I thought "Well?", And put red ginger into it.

As I thought, the flavor of ginger matched very well with sauce, so if you eat a settari set meal you can recommend red ginger Poace.

In addition, "Tariatama chicken set meal" is on sale in Matsuya throughout the country from April 23 (Thursday), the price is 630 yen including tax "Tari Tama chicken set meal", "Tari Tama Chicken W (Double) Set meal "is 930 yen including tax. W set meal can be changed free of charge for rice at Sheng Sheng / Kari Shenhu, until April 30 (Thursday) it can be changed free of charge to "rice mass chicken set meal" even at "ratta chicken set meal".

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