Distributing the historically valuable DOS software which was in 3000 floppies


"When I bought 3000 floppies from a man who was managing a company that deals with shareware for PCs, it contained various software from the late 80's to around 1994," the computer forum'sVOGONSIt was frostbyte who launched the thread above. Frostbyte copies the file in consideration of the historical value of the content of the floppy so that it can download a large amount of software in the floppy.

VOGONS • View topic - Hoard of BBS shareware DOS files, etc.

Software for MS - DOS can be downloaded from the following page.

Dropbox - Shareware

After accessing the above URL, select "Download with .zip" from "Download" at the upper right of the screen.

Since the ZIP file is downloaded, it will be decompressed ... ...

Nine RAR files from "floppyshareware.part01" to "floppyshareware.part09" will appear. Extract "floppyshareware.part01.rar".

Then, the slurry and the folder appeared.

The executable file is included in this. The files compressed with ARC areFilzipYou can decompress using tools such as.

There are also images and icons of the game in the folder, but please note that GIF files and FLI files for adults are also mixed.

In the thread, after receiving the file disclosure, "Thank you so much that I can not write it here"Internet ArchiveWe should be informed of this fact. "

The file is open to the public on April 21 in Japan time only for 30 days. Frostbyte says that he purchased 1000 new floppy disks and will release it if something interesting is found.

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