A new wearable device like Nail Art "NailO"

A new wearable device that can be worn on a toe like a nail art "NailO"Has appeared. In a nutshell, "a trackpad with the same size as a nail", it is a device that can perform various operations just by slightly moving your finger.

NailO | MIT Media Lab

Thumbnail track pad | MIT News

Specifically, what kind of device is available and what can be done is summarized in the following movie.

NailO: A thumbnail - mounted wireless trackpad - YouTube

Recently wearable devices are getting smarter and smaller and more familiar.

Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao of the MIT Media Lab said that it responds to the request "I want to treat it as much as possible with the body" as much as possible.

The wearable device "NailO" worn on the nail is created on the extension line of that idea.

The main body has a four-layer structure, the first layer is decoration, the second layer is a sensor, the third layer is a substrate, and the fourth layer is a battery. The size is a little smaller than the 25 cent coin (same size as 10 yen coin).

This is Artem Dementyev.

When lifting up the sensor part of NailO, the board is clogged up.

Just wear it so that you can put it on your toe. Since it is a small trackpad, just trace the surface with your fingers OK. In the demo, I draw a line on the left smartphone by tracing with my finger.

If you apply it, just by tracing sideways on NailO ... ...

Collaboration that changes the color of smart necklace is also possible.

If you want to scroll while cooking while displaying the recipe on the PC, if you operate NailO as so ... ...

You can display the lower part of the recipe without having to bother using PC trackpad or mouse.

The surface decoration layer can be changed freely.

If you attach a sheet that matches the clothing of the day ... ...

It seems to be wearing nail art rather than wearable device.

The possible operations with NailO are tapping, swiping up and down, left and right, etc. It seems to be worn on multiple fingers too.

Well wearable type wearable devices finally start to spread, but this NailO looks pretty useful as well. I would like to try using it if it is put into practical use.

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