Mechanical cable "LineFORM" which becomes a cable, telephone, lighting etc. after being deformed like snakes

MIT Media LabHowever, with the concept of "How can we change personal computers and tools around us if there are strings that freely deform?", It seems that it will transform the freedom like a snake and produce an unexpected usage method for ponpons Mechanical rope "LineFORMWe announced.

Tangible Media Group

You can understand what "LineFORM" is like by watching the following movie.


The tangible media group of MIT Media Lab developed ... ...

LineFORM. Irregularly Gunegune is bent ... ...

Bag and shape deformed.

It is unknown what is in the black cloth, but it will change its shape mechanically.

LineFORM was created based on the concept "How can we change personal computers and tools around us if there are freely deformed strings?"

Usage part 1: Mobile device

When I put my wrist on LineFORM which grows with my husband ......

LineFORM wrapped around the wrist and wrist.

For example, it is possible to use LineFORM as a smart wristband. Since LineFORM bends with Gneguen with multiple joints, haptic feedback like vibrations can be realized by moving a part in small increments.

Furthermore, from the state of being extended ... ...

Shrinking and shrinking and changing to the size of mobile phones.

Since it has a touch pad on the surface, by tapping it ......

It can also be transformed into a specific shape.

This seems to be usable as a phone.

Usage 2: Code to change shape

By installing a light bulb ahead of LineFORM ... ...

It becomes a light.

Also, it is also possible to switch part of LineFORM as a switch, if you defeat a part of the code by hand ... ...

It turns off.

In addition, connect the PC and the external hard disk with LineFORM.

And data is transferred from the PC to the external hard disk via LineFORM.

When data transfer is started, LineFORM starts moving with Unane and expresses that data transfer is in progress.

Usage 3: Restraint

Wrap LineFORM around your body.

Fixing each joint of LineFORM makes it difficult for me to move the arm ... ...

If only some joints are unlocked and allowed to move, only the wrist part can be moved ......

You can control the movement while controlling the elbow joint.

If you apply this, record the movement of the wearer ... ....

It is also possible to reproduce the movement by other wearers. The application seems to spread beyond imagination thought that it is just a cord, and it seems to say that there is also the possibility of becoming a power assist suit etc.

Usage 4: Smart ruler

Use pin and straight LineFORM instead of a ruler ......



It can be freely deformed into various shapes such as a square.

Usage 5: Manipulating vector data

The line displayed on the PC is linked with LineFORM ... ...

You can freely create vector data by transforming LineFORM.

The contents of LineFORM like this is like this. By connecting multiple motors, you can change shape like Gnegune in all directions like a snake.

LineFORM detects its own shape and operates ... ...

It can be rigid as it is or only some parts can be operated. It is a simple structure that connects multiple motors, so it seems possible to freely change the length depending on the application.

That's why LineFORM was placed at random in the end ......

It starts to move by itself ...

Make a knot and finish.

The Tangible Media Group of MIT Media Lab who developed LineFORM is also a group that developed a new technology "Kinetic Blocks" to realize a pop-out display.

Movie that moves and builds objects with new technology realizing "3D pixel" pop-out display - GIGAZINE

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