Formally announcing monthly plan that YouTube can hide advertisements

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YouTube's movies are advertised instead of watching for free. YouTube can hide ads beforePreparing paid planAlthough it was said, finally, the start of the monthly service was officially announced to the YouTube partner.

YouTube's paid subscription offering takes shape - and it's almost here | The Verge

YouTube is a "safe to use child"YouTube Kids"Application, and the monthly plan that the artist's high-quality album + music video is unlimited in some areas such as America"YouTube Music KeyWe are offering a beta version. In this way, YouTube, which has released services that are not on YouTube so far, plans to release a paid plan to hide ads on a monthly pricing basis.

About providing YouTube with this new serviceNotify by e-mail to the YouTube partner in Western Europe and Japandoing.

When extracting a part of the mail sent to the editorial department of GIGAZINE, the following things were written.

This time, YouTube has taken a big step to newly provide a version of YouTube that does not display advertisements on a monthly pricing basis in order to further expand the choice. By creating a new subscription service, new revenue sources will be created for partners that will compensate for the increase in advertising revenue.

For YouTube it will be an exciting year to step into unknown territories, but what led YouTube will provide viewers with a variety of options, as well as better partner revenue It will not change in the future that we want to help you. By working closely with you on YouTube, we will continue our path to success.

The YouTube Team

We do not mention the start time of the service or the monthly fee, but it is suggested that it will also be optimized for mobile devices. According to what the The Verge got from sources, it is possible not only to hide advertisements, but also to save movies to mobile terminals and to view them offline, with a monthly charge of $ 10 (about 1200 yen) It is about to become. In addition, it seems that consideration is given to creators who are expected to decrease revenue when creators can set movies to "Paid Plan User Limited" and advertisements are hidden. Although the service name is still unknown, services are expected to be launched in May 2015.

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