DJI announces the new "Phantom 3" of the aerial shooter Dolone, also supports 4K movies · YouTube distribution

With excellent stability, anyone can skip quickly and have powerful aerial shots "Phantom 2 Vision +"DJI to develop aerial photography multi-copter (drone), will be the new product" series "Phantom 3 Professional"When"Phantom 3 Advanced"We announced two models. In the series, it is equipped with a camera that supports even the first 4K movie shooting, and supports live streaming delivery via YouTube as well as shooting as before.

Phantom 3 | DJI

"Phantom 3 Professional" that gold accent was given to the white body is the top model. A model with a set of 12-megapixel cameras made by Sony capable of 4K / 30fps shooting of 4096 × 2160p, the camera is mounted on a brushless gimbal that cancels out movement and shake of the aircraft, enabling shooting with less shaking It is getting. The lens has a field angle of 94 degrees · f value of 2.8, and the angle of view is narrower than that of the previous model, but in exchange it seems that a natural image with less distortion is realized.

Meanwhile, "Phantom 3 Advanced" with silver design basically has a common aircraft configuration, and it is possible to shoot a maximum of 60 fps with 1920 × 1080 p full HD. Camera is 12 megapixels like professional.

Details of Phantom 3 and images actually taken can be checked with the following movie and so on.

DJI - Introducing the Phantom 3 - YouTube

The state of magma spewing from the rifts of the earth ... ...

Aspect of ruins from ancient times

And it is multi - copter such as Phantom series etc that made it possible to shoot beautiful nature etc from unprecedented viewpoint.

It is the 2 models of "Phantom 3" added to the lineup as the latest type in such multi-copter of DJI. For both models, the camera is set in the main body from the beginning, and it is possible to shoot immediately in that state that you bought.

The control controller for the steering is also newly designed, and it seems that it is summarized more simply than conventionally.

Equipped with dials and buttons, more intuitive operation is possible.

And, the new technology mounted on Phantom 3 is "three" sensors mounted downwardsVision Positioning System". It is a technology to realize even higher aircraft stability by accurately grasping the movements of the aircraft based on images captured by the camera. This is also developing a droneProducts of ParrotIt seems to be equivalent to what is installed in.

By doing this, it is said that stable flight will be possible even indoors where GPS radio waves can not be received.

In addition, the application for operation is also upgraded to a new version.

The previous version was also an app designed for easy viewing, but it seems that the operability is further improved.

By manipulating the screen, you can easily configure camera settings on the main unit.

And, of course, it also has a function to edit the shot image. It is possible to carry out simple editing and putting BGM.

Also, the application has a log function to save the flight record ......

"Simulator" mode which practices without actually flying the aircraft is installed. By having practice on the screen in advance, the risk of damaging the important aircraft is likely to be low.

In Phantom 3, GPS andGLONASSIn combination, realize more accurate measurement. As well as improving stability during flight, it supports point - to - point flying, which fly automatically in advance, route back to home position automatically when a battery runs out or emergency button is pushed .

You can connect a smartphone or tablet to the controller via USB, you can watch real-time video in flight and adjust camera settings in detail. In addition, it is also possible to deliver live at up to 720p / 30fps picture quality on YouTube, which seems to use YouTube Live. A radio wave of the 2.4 GHz band is used for communication with the main body.

The main body is equipped with a microSD card slot that supports up to 64GB · Class 10 / UHS-1 and can store images and images. It has a LiPo battery with a capacity of 4480 mAh and the flight time is about 23 minutes.

In this way, DJI Phantom 3 which further brushes up the performance from the past has a professional compatible with 4K movie of 1259 dollars (about 150,000 yen), advanced of 999 dollars for full HD movie (about 120,000 yen) , And will be on sale abroad in the near future. The handling in Japan is expected to be announced soon.

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Since the recital of DJI Phantom 3 was held, I have seen various things with the actual machine.

I went to a new model presentation of the aerial shooting drone "DJI Phantom 3" which can also shoot 4K and YouTube - GIGAZINE

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