New smart rope jumping beyond conventional jump rope "SMART ROPE"

Jump rope is an exercise that is also used for cultivating footwork and rhythm in fighting sports such as boxing, but it looks modest, but it is effective for diet etc as it uses the whole body. I adopted the latest technology in such rope jumping "SMART ROPE"New sports equipment that transcends conventional jump rope is born.


Jump rope is an exercise that you can easily do if you have just a little space anywhere and anytime, and you can consume 480 kcal if you do 3 sets of 10 minute jump rope. In addition, it is possible to train various muscles at the same time, and you can efficiently move the main parts such as the calves, the leg muscle, the shoulder, the abdominal muscle, the quadriceps muscle, and the hamstring at once. Moreover, it is easier exercise than jogging, and if you try to consume more calories than rope jogging, you need to run at a pace of 8 miles or more per mile (about 1.6 km). In addition, it also has excellent aspects that it is also good exercise for bone health, if continued, it also leads to an improvement in breathing efficiency.

It is SMART ROPE that raises the dimension of such jump rope by one step.

When using it pair with the smartphone and use it.

When you enter the height / weight in the special application, the calorie consumption and BMI value of the user are automatically measured, and the application records the number of jumps with the paired SMART ROPE. In the application, you can see how much calories are consumed for each jump, and you can have your own interval training organized from the BMI value and the user's ability.

You can also check the results of training with Smart Watch.

Moreover, the LED is embedded in the rope part of SMART ROPE, and the number is displayed in front of you every time it jumps.

The grip part of SMART ROPE looks like this. The design is refined to the extent that I can not imagine rope jumping.

The following movie can understand more what kind of product SMART ROPE is becoming.

The Evolution of a Classic - Smart Rope on Vimeo

A woman who jumps rope.

A number is displayed in front of eyes every time Pyeongyeon jumps, and it is easy to visually understand "How much exercise is it?"

What is being designed in some office ... ...

SMART ROPE. It seems that various prototypes are being made while looking at colorful sample.

The next thing came out is shiny stringed LED light.

Apparently this is like the rope part of SMART ROPE. The total number of LEDs used in SMART ROPE is 23, and when jumping it will show the number of times these LED lights jumped.

Using SMART ROPE prototype, Pyon Pyeong.

This is the interface design of the special application. It seems to become an application that not only measures the number of jumps but also goes up to calculate calorie expenditure, set goals, and plan a training menu.

Creating prototype of SMART ROPE.

SMART ROPE is equipped with a magnetic sensor that can accurately detect the rotation speed of the rope, and there are Bluetooth 4.0 and power button for communicating with the smartphone, Mini-USB port for charging and others.

The power button is on the bottom of the grip part, and it also pairs with a smartphone and a smart watch using this.

There is also a mode to display exercise time.

The rope portion of SMART ROPE extends from the grip at an angle of 45 degrees ......

The tip part is designed to turn around. Ball bearings are built in the interior, and it is designed to be able to smoothly rotate the rope.

In addition, SMART ROPE is available in 4 sizes, the length of the rope by size and the proper height are as follows.

· Small
Rope part length: 243 cm, suitable height: 152 cm to 163 cm

· Medium
Rope part length: 258 cm, suitable height: 165 cm to 175 cm

· Large
Rope part length: 274 cm, suitable height: 178 cm to 188 cm

· X-Large
Rope part length: 287 cm, suitable height: 191 cm to 201 cm

SMART ROPE is currently a cloud funding siteKickstarterDuring the recruitment of the investment, we are collecting more than 160,000 dollars (about 19 million yen) far exceeding the target amount of $ 60,000 (about 7.2 million yen), which is almost certainly commercialized. More than 1,800 rope jumping maniacs have already financed SMART ROPE and you can get one SMART ROPE with a capital of $ 60 (about 7200 yen), if you invest 70 dollars, SMART ROPE and dedicated silicon cover, 100 If the investment of the dollar (about 12,000 yen) is financed it is also possible to put a stamp of name on SMART ROPE one and dedicated wooden gift box + box. There are plans to purchase multiple others at the same time, and you can get 18-gold SMART ROPE with a capital of 1000 dollars (about 120,000 yen), separately for $ 5 (about 600 yen) for delivery to Japan, ~ 20 dollars (about 2400 yen) is required.

In addition, "SMART ROPE" is the capital deadline at 23 o'clock on April 6, 2015.

Smart Rope by Joen Choe - Kickstarter

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