Eleven customs where foreign tourists come to Japan and receive shock

ByKim'n 'Cris Knight

When going overseas, there are times when I am surprised by the difference in culture with Japan, but the reverse is also true. "Ruinous to blow your nose in public"It is a good idea to slurp the ramen"Do not pour yourself a drinkFrom "what it seems like" to be somewhat incorrectly conveyed to something like "Shocking Japan's own customs and practices" on a foreigner's eyes is a foreign tour traveling to Japan It is summarized as a guide for people.

Japanese customs that are shocking to foreign travelers - Business Insider

◆ 01: "4" is an ominous figure
In the Western Europe, "13" figures are regarded as ominous figures, and there are hotels and buildings without 13th floor. Similarly, "4" reminiscent of "death" in Japan is regarded as an ominous figure, "49" is also "pain until death (deathUntilBitternessIt is avoided to remind us of "Shimu)". 4 gifts are ominous, so you should avoid as much as possible. In addition, customs to avoid "4" exist not only in Japan but also in China and Korea,Tetraophobia (4 phobia)It is called.

ByMartin Lewison

◆ 02: Rude way to blow your nose in public
Biting your nose in a public place where there are plenty of people is not only rude but also deemed "disgusting". The Japanese who wanted to bite their nose coped with it by eating a nose until finding a private place. If a runny nose comes out in front of the Japanese public and there is nothing more to do, it is better to bite your nose without making a noise as much as possible. Also, chewing nose with a handkerchief will not be accepted in Japan as well, so be careful.

ByRuss Allison Loar

◆ 03: It is rude to hand chips
In Japan without the custom of chips, even if you give chips from good will, you may hurt your opponent's honor. If you pass the chip to the Japanese staff without knowing it, you will not only confuse the staff but will chase to return the chips. If you think "I really want to hand chips", if you give a small gift instead, you may receive it without rest.

ByKaty Ereira

◆ 04: If you eat something while walking "sloppy"
In Western Europe, no one cares if someone eats something while walking, but in Japan it is regarded as a sloppy act. Also, many Japanese think it is bad manners to eat something in the train. However, there are some "exceptions" in this Japanese way of making and it is ok to eat ice cream whilst walking for some reason.

ByGareth Williams

◆ 05: Pushing passengers into crowded trains Occupation "Pusher"
At the station during Japan's rush hour, "uniform pusher (wearing uniforms and white glovesPusherA person who takes a job called "You appear". Their work is literally getting paid by checking that no one is caught in the door by pushing passengers into a crowded train.

ByStephen Staley

◆ 06: Sleep with a person's shoulder as a pillow by train
Because Japanese commuting time and working hours are terribly long, sleeping in a very large number of people in the train, some people sleeping on the shoulder of the next person regardless of gender There is. This is tolerated by people, but what is made up of the custom that people put on shoulders endure only. Tell the culture of JapanJapandra.comTo operateSandra BaronSays to CNN, "This is a frequent event."

ByChris Gladis

◆ 07: There are slippers in the toilet
Slippers are sometimes placed in the house where you have a habit of taking off your shoes indoors, inside a house, a restaurant that takes off your shoes, a temple shop, a museum, and so on. Furthermore, after wearing slippers and entering inside, there is "Toilet exclusive slippers" in the toilet so it is necessary to be careful not to enter the toilet as "indoor slipper".

ByJames Langham

◆ 08: When you visit someone's house you need a gift
In Japan, when invited to someone's house, there is a custom to bring a gift to the landlord. If you are invited to someone's home in Japan, you'll be pleased if you bring the gift wrapped in wrapping paper and ribbon properly. Also, never refuse when you receive a gift. However, it is considered "polite" because it is a habit to cast an objection once at the beginning.

ByJeff Kramer

◆ 09: Do not pour your own drink
In many countries around the world, there is a custom of pouring drinks into empty strangers' glasses and then pointing to their own glasses, but in Japan there is a thing to "pour drinks on your own glass" You should not think about it. Pour some drinks when the surrounding people 's glass is empty, and hopefully someone else will be aware of your empty glass and pour tea. Also, when you start drinking you need to wait until someone says "Kan-Pai!"

ByKim'n 'Cris Knight

◆ 10: It is not rude to sell ramen noodles or soba
In Japan, the act of squeezing noodles by making a sound is not an "vulgar", but rather an act that can even express "even being enjoying meals". If you eat ramen without making a sound, it could be misunderstood that it might be "not delicious". Also, because Japanese ramen is served at a high temperature to steam, "To eat ramen by eating" is also a device to not burn your tongue. However, even though it is called a sound, "burp" during meal is rude, so you should be careful.

ByMorgon Mae Schultz

◆ 11: Capsule bigger than the casket The capsule hotel sleeps
There are "capsule hotels" everywhere that provides places just for sleeping at a low price in Japan everywhere. It is a facility mainly used for businessmen and those who missed the last train, and rooms of a size that does not differ much from the coffin are stacked. If you have $ 65 (about 7800 yen), you can spend the whole night, but people with claustrophobia are better not going.

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