A smart water bottle "HidrateMe" that can supply the necessary amount of moisture when needed with a smartphone interlock

Hydration is very important for prevention of heat stroke that increases as the temperature rises, but it is surprisingly difficult to take a reasonable amount of moisture at an appropriate timing. Not only for measures against heat stroke but also for exercise and healthy living let me know the timing of hydration that is very important with LED lamps, smart water bottle that can also log on smartphone "HidrateMe"is.

You can see how HidrateMe is "smart" water bottle if you look at the following movie.

HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle by Hidrate, Inc - YouTube

For good health, balanced diet, sleep, moderate exercise are important.

"But even though I was healthy and careful about my everyday lives, there were so many things that did not go well at all, and I noticed the most important thing at that time," said Nadia, who developed HidrateMe Mr.

What is important to health that I did not notice because it is too commonplace ... ...

It is "water". Mr. Nadia noticed that supplementing the necessary amount of moisture when it is necessary is very important for adjusting the physical condition.

The team of Nadia who participated in the hardware development contest called Startup Weekend hosted by Google developed "smart water bottle" which can drink the necessary water in just 54 hours when necessary.

Prototype is microcontroller boardArduinoIt seems it was a plastic bottle type hanging. However, smart water bottle wonderful, won third place in Startup Weekend.

With this, the development team quit each job and decided to set up a startup to make smart water bottles.

After that, pursue a shape that is easy to carry and easy to use.

And the completion is "HidrateMe".

"HidrateMe is a device that can easily take the necessary amount of water when needed," said co-developer Alexandra.

HidrateMe is a water bottle that informs me that it is necessary to supply hydration by managing the ingested moisture with a special application of smartphone. Just input the information such as age and weight at the beginning of the application.

After that, the smartphone teaches the necessary amount of water on that day.

Furthermore, it can easily know how much moisture you can consume in percentage display.

HidrateMe informs you of the hydration time with LED lamp built into the main unit. Therefore, it is not necessary to check each smartphone to know the timing of hydration.

HidrateMeBPAFreeTritanWe are using plastic made very strong, so you can carry it anywhere. Long life battery which does not need charging for over 1 year is carried.

It also records logs of hydration so it is convenient for physical condition management.

In addition, the special application acquires information on the surrounding environment such as temperature and altitude, automatically calculates the amount of water required according to the environment, so there is no need to worry about water intake at all. In addition, the application is compatible with both Android / iOS.

Since the 710 ml bottle is of a size to enter a general cup holder, it can be used even during driving.

Of course it is the size you can put in your bag.

The color develops five colors of white, green, blue, pink, black.

A smart water bottle "HidrateMe" which manages hydration by fully interlocking with a smartphone is currently available as a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for funds for mass production by setting the target amount to 35,000 dollars (about 4,400,000 yen). It is a mega hit project that succeeds in collecting more than 200,000 dollars (about 25 million yen) in just a few days from the start.

In the HidrateMe project you can get 1 HidrateMe with a contribution of $ 45 (about 5600 yen), 2 HidrateMe with a contribution of 87 dollars (about 10,800 yen), shipping costs 25 dollars (about 3100 yen), 30 dollars It is also possible to ship to Japan at around (3700 yen).

The deadline for contributing to HidrateMe project is 9:00 on July 14, 2015 in Japan time.

HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle by Hidrate, Inc. - Kickstarter

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