New feature that Gmail application collects mail of all accounts into one inbox

The Gmail application already had a function to aggregate other mail accounts, but new mail accounts can be browsed all at once with "All inboxFunction has been added. You will be able to check all mails that arrive to any mail account you've registered in the Gmail application.

Official Gmail Blog: All your mail, together in one place

◆ Installing Gmail 5.1
The Gmail account aggregation function is a new feature added with Android 5.1 & Gmail (version 5.1), but if you are a Android 4.0 or higher terminal you can use the new function by installing it via APK file.

Gmail 5.1.89745174 APK Download - APKMirror

This time, try using Gmail's account aggregation function with Xperia Z3 of Android 4.4.4 · Gmail (version 5.0.1).

As a preliminary preparation, first check the check of "application whose source is unknown" in "Settings" → "Security". If it is not checked, tap it ......

Tap "OK".

Leave the check mark attached to "application whose source is unknown".

Next,LinkTap and jump to the APK file download page.

Scroll down the page and tap "Download" to download the APK file.

When the download is completed, execute the APK file.

Tap "Install".

Tap "I agree".

When installation is completed, tap "Open" to start the Gmail application.

◆ Add mail account
Let's start by adding a mail account to the Gmail application. People who already use the integration function of the account already use the setting procedure,◆ "All Inbox" functionIt is OK if you proceed.

Tap "Menu" icon in the top left corner of the top screen.

Scroll down the menu that appears on the left of the screen ... ...

Tap "Settings".

Tap 'Add account'.

Select "Personal (IMAP or POP)" and tap "OK".

Enter the email address you would like to aggregate accounts for.

This time Yahoo! I entered the mail address. After entering your email address, tap "Next".

Similarly Yahoo! Enter the mail login password and tap "Next".

Since an error appears, tap "Edit details".

Apparently the receiving server seems to be set incorrectly.

Enter the correct server setting "" and tap "Next".

Next, in the setting of the sending server also enter "" for "SMTP server" part and tap "next".

"Account options" can inform you of incoming mail, synchronize, and change the settings such as synchronization frequency. To change the synchronization frequency, tap the "▼" mark on the right.

You can choose the frequency of automatic synchronization within the range of every 5 minutes to every hour.

Finally tap "Next" to finish setting up additional accounts.

Tap "Settings" at the top left of the screen.

Tap the "▼" icon on the right of the Gmail account ......

The account selection screen appears and the Yahoo! Tap so that the mail address is displayed.

Yahoo! in the inbox! I was able to display the mailbox of the mail with the Gmail application.

◆ Delete account
If you want to delete the account, tap "Manage account" on the account selection screen.

Tap the mail account you want to delete.

Tap "Menu" icon in the upper right of the screen.

Tap Delete account.

You can delete the account by tapping "Delete account".

◆ "All Inbox" function
Tap "All inbox" added in Gmail version 5.1 ......

You can display all mails of all added accounts aggregated. As you have ever done, you can save time and effort by browsing e-mail after choosing an e-mail account every time, so if you check only "All inbox" it will drastically reduce reading misses.

In addition, Gmail version 5.1 with the "All Inbox" feature added, enhanced auto completion (input assistance) function on the mail search screen, thumbnail of attached file in the main body of the mail, mail The basic function of the game has also been enhanced.

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