Camouflage clothing which can fool even infrared cameras from "squid" will be born

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Squid and octopus have the ability to change the color of skin and mimic the surrounding environment, scientists refer to thisDeveloped a sheet whose color varies according to surrounding environmentIt is enough to do it. A research team led by Mr. Alon Gorodetsky of the University of California, Irvine is developing the new camouflage technology focusing on squid, but the camouflage technology developed here is a bit different from ordinary one , It seems to be a technology that can trick an infrared camera.

Squid-inspired 'invisibility stickers' could help soldiers - YouTube

Erika is an organism that can perfectly blend in various environments.

With reference to the skin of such a squid, Professor Alon Gorodetsky of the University of California at Irvine is working on the development of new camouflage technology.

It seems that if new camouflage technology is born, it may become possible to save the lives of many soldiers.

Research and development of camouflage technology is being conducted jointly with students of the University of California at Irvine and research results are being held from March 22, 2015American Chemical SocietyofSpring 2015 National Meeting & ExpoIt was announced at.

Students of the University of California at Irvine who are researching and developing.

In the research, we succeeded in separating the protein used by the spotted mackerel to assimilate with the surrounding environment ... ...

It seems that we are working on culturing this protein.

It seems that E. coli is also used for culturing.

And camouflage technology made from protein extracted from squid is this vinyl tape. The appearance is vinyl tape itself for household, but the surface is coated with protein extracted from squid.

Vinyl tapes can not be distinguished visually from ordinary ones.

However, this tape can have the same reflectance as a specific color.

Regarding the reflectance, it can be adjusted by changing the thickness of the protein coating, such as blue for thin coatings and orange for thick coatings.

In addition, since the coating also reflects near infrared light, in the future it is also possible to create perfect camouflage clothes that can not be detected with infrared cameras by applying this technology to camouflage clothing.

Camouflage clothing is less likely to be found by enemies by visual inspection, but it has a weak point that it can be easily found by passing through an infrared camera, so if the vinyl tape can be applied to camouflage clothing, the effect will be measured I do not know. Also, coated vinyl tapes are very cheap and can be manufactured, so even disposable OK.

The research team led by professor Gorodetsky has made technical tightening on vinyl tape with adjustable light reflectance, it can be attached to various kinds of materials, its application range becomes considerably wide It is regarded as whether it is. However, Professor Gorodetsky commented, "At the moment we are not ready to test vinyl tape in the outside environment, but we are very excited about that possibility."

A paper on a new technology that can adjust the reflectance of this light has already been published, and the title of the paper is "Infrared invisibility stickers inspired by cephalopods (Infrared invisible stickers inspired by cephalopods)" I will.

Infrared invisibility stickers inspired by cephalopods - Journal of Materials Chemistry C (RSC Publishing)

Also, the research team led by GorodetskyAmerican Chemical SocietyWe have published research results at that time, and the situation at that time can be watched from the following movies.

Squid-inspired 'invisibility stickers' could help soldiers evade infrared detection in the dark - YouTube

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