Sheet that realizes the optical camouflage of the Ghost in the Ghost in the hint of octopus and squid


ghost in the ShellOptical camouflage clothing that human beings and humanoid cyborgs can wear and disappear can appear, but octopus and squid also born, depending on the surrounding environmentChange the skin color and mimiccan. With reference to such natural camouflage ability, using flexible materials, colors will change to match the background "New camouflage seat"University of IllinoisYaUniversity of HoustonThe team is developing jointly.

Adaptive optoelectronic camouflage systems with designs inspired by cephalopod skins

BBC News - Camouflage sheet inspired by octopus

The new camouflage sheet features 1 mm square cells in a lattice shape and contains dyes that can change color depending on temperature. There were camouflage seats that could change to black and white so far, but the development team is expected to eventually become products for commercial and military use. Developer John Rogers says that this new camouflage sheet is the result of collaboration by experts in biology, materials, computing and electrical engineering.

The development team accurately reproduces the three-layer structure found on the skin of octopus and squid with the latest equipment, the top layer plays a role of coloring, the middle layer color changing, and the bottom layer copying background pattern. The lowermost layer detects changes in light by installing optical sensors in a lattice pattern,ActuatorSend the detected background pattern to. The actuator replaces the muscles in the octopus' skin, and switches the uppermost cell in 1 second to 2 seconds based on the received signal. Temperature sensitive dye can change color from black to transparent, for example when heated to 47 degrees.

The new camouflage sheet is thin like paper, and it is necessary to improve space recognition accuracy, color resolution, fuel efficiency in the future, and solar cells are strongly considered as a solution. "Even just combining existing technologies such as flat screen displays may be able to solve all problems," Rogers says.

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