"Healthy Tempura commuter pass" that you can eat tempura daily for up to about a month and a half at 300 yen

The "Udon noodle commuter pass" campaign carried out from 2007 to 2010 was revived for about the first time in about five years, with sales of 300 yen per sheet, starting from April 6 (Monday) on only the first 300 visitors of each store It was decided.

In the spring of 2015, that "commuter pass" plan has changed shape and revived! 'Healthy Tempura commuter pass' where tempura can be eaten free every day ~ Start selling for 300 people first shop starting from April 6 (Monday) ~

The usage period is from April 6 (Monday) to May 14 (Thur), and if you order a noodle with 300 yen or more separately by presenting a commutation ticket, you can eat "Healthy Tempura" dish free of charge Mechanism. Furthermore, since "it is possible to use as many people as a commuter ticket", "It is also possible to make everyone's tempura free with today's commutation ticket!"

So, what is "healthy tempura", from April 1 (Wednesday) in the newly released tempura, 47% oil calorie cut into about one-third "calorie health" cultivated know-how cultivated It was completed by plunging into two years to complete it.

Below is a menu of healthy tempura, including tax from 110 yen to 150 yen.

◆ 110 yen

· Deep-fried crispy isogi

· Sweet potatoes

· Lotus root

◆ 140 yen

· Tariari

· Healthy Kakiage

◆ 150 yen
· Shoddy weather

In short, you can mingle any one of the above tempura everyday.

In addition, as a precaution, there is a tie "Individual item 300 yen or more", so "Kake (Small) · (Medium) and Soy Sauce (Small) are out of targeted items".

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