Because SMEs do not change from Windows XP, Intel revised down sales by about 120 billion yen

ByZohar Manor-Abel

Intel predicted sales forecasts for the first quarter of 2015 lower forecast by 1 billion dollars (about 120 billion yen) and revised downward to 12.8 billion dollars (about 1.4 trillion). Intel stated "Why SMEs do not upgrade from Windows XP" as to why sales declined.

Intel Lowers First-Quarter Revenue Outlook

According to Intel's announcement contents, although the forecast for sales forecast for the first quarter of 2015 was $ 13.8 billion (about 1.65 trillion yen), it is ultimately 1 billion dollars (about 120 billion yen) less than 128 We lowered it to 100 million dollars (about 1.4 trillion). Intel explained that the demand for enterprise desktop PC fell short of expectations and that the sales situation of PC's supply chain as a whole worsened than expected due to downward revision.

ByGuillermo Santangelo

The reason why demand for enterprise desktop PCs declined or the inventory level of PC supply chain was low was due to the fact that migration from small and medium enterprises' Windows XP is not as advanced as expected. In addition, the fact that the macroeconomic environment in Europe has become severe and that the exchange rate is not stable also has a big impact on demand for desktop PCs for enterprises.

Support of Microsoft Windows XP ended on April 9, 2014. As the company's PC replacement has progressed due to the inability to receive the security update program, Intel(PDF)Second quarter net income in 2014Was about 2,796 million dollars (about 290 billion yen at the time of the time), among which the business for the PC had sales of $ 8,667 million (about 900.4 billion yen). We have reported that demand for PC for corporate customers is increasing even in the earnings forecast that we announced in advance, and we can see that the PC business was performing well in 2014.

ByBryan Alexander

Looking at the stock price chart of Intel from October to March 2014, although the stock price peaked around December 2014, you can see that it has fallen to the right from the time it reached the year 2015.

While PC business is struggling hard, the data center business is doing well and it is expected that it is raising the profit as expected although details are not clarified. Intel's earnings release for the first quarter of 2015 is April 14th.

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