I tried using the "USB cooler & warmer" which can warm and cool the cup on the desk how much thermal cooling effect is available

It is the thermo mug cup that can suppress the temperature change of drinks and can enjoy warm drinks and cold drinks longer than ordinary mugs. Although various kinds of designs are released from various brands, everything looks like metallic or just like a water bottle, and it looks like a water bottle. "If you can keep warm and cool like a thermomag at your favorite design mug, There are many people who think that "...". There are many devices on the net that can keep the cup warm and cold, which is likely to be useful at such time, but none are too cheap and it is uneasy where it is really effective.

At such time, you can keep warm and cool the cup at the sales floor of Tokyu Hands "USB cooler & warmerSo I tried to confirm how much the effect was when I tried to purchase it by saying, "If you sell it with hands, you can expect some effect."

USB cooler & warmer white | 【Tokyu Hands net store】

The package of "USB cooler & warmer" purchased is like this.

The inside of this box is only this USB cooler & warmer.

Put the cup on the silver part of the top surface and use it.

Exhaust hole in the front.

There is nothing on the left and right sides.

USB cable for switch and power supply on the back.

By switching the switch left and right, it can correspond to both warmth and coolness.

The bottom is like this.

Just by inserting it in the USB port of PC etc. when using it is OK.

Push in the switch to the left to cool

If you push it in to the right, you can keep warm.

It is said that the flat cup on the bottom is the best for enhancing the heat retention and keeping rate.

Since plastic cups were unusable, I will try how much drinks can be kept at this cup with a flat bottom.

Pouring into the cup is 90 degrees hot water boiled in a pot.

Pour 150 ml each into cup ...

Place one on the USB cooler & warmer and the other on the table and measure the change in temperature.

How long will it keep warming ... ....

"When using a container with a small bottom footprint such as canned juice, the efficiency of cold insulation and warming may be reduced", but I was wondering how much warmth effect can be obtained even with canned coffee I'll try to verify it.

Infrared thermography FLIR i3 which can measure temperature by simply holding any object on the temperature measurement.

I tried using infrared thermography "FLIR i 3" which can measure temperature and store images with just holding anything Review - GIGAZINE

The graph summarizing the actual temperature change is as follows. The horizontal axis shows the elapsed time (minutes), the vertical axis shows the temperature, the blue axis shows the temperature change of the cup, the red axis shows the temperature change when keeping the cup in the USB cooler & warmer on the USB cooler & warmer.

The result measured twice with exactly the same condition is kore. The temperature when it is kept warm by putting it on the USB cooler & warmer twice will eventually become warmer, but its temperature difference is insignificant compared with the case of only cup, and within the range of error It is not an exaggeration to say a level. Even at the timing when the temperature difference was the maximum, the difference was less than 5 degrees.

In the graph below, the horizontal axis shows elapsed time (min) and the vertical axis shows temperature, the blue axis shows the temperature change of can coffee, the red axis shows temperature change when keeping the can coffee on the USB cooler & warmer It shows. Surprisingly, the temperature difference appeared for canned coffee with a small bottom area, and the difference reached about 8 degrees at maximum.

Next I thought about trying to measure the temperature change even in the cold storage mode, but switching to the cold storage mode and touching the pedestal was only at the level where the base part was slightly hiny. Although it touched the table after 30 minutes or more and tried using the actually cold drink, the cold insulation mode was apparently power deficient and it was a level that I could not expect to bring out a cold insulation effect .

For that reason, what I found after actually using it is that you can not obtain the heat retention / cold insulation effect enough to purchase it. Although it is possible to keep the drink warm and cooler than it is not to be sure, its effect is insignificant, the effect that the USB cooler & warmer keeps warmer than the effect that it escapes from the drink mouth of the cup It is a level that I am confused as having more people. Of course, depending on the material of the cup and the type of drink to be poured into the inside, it may be possible to further enhance the heat retention and cold-proofing effect, but since the temperature of the pedestal part is only about 45 degrees in the heat retention mode, the temperature of Azatsu's drink It seems that it is not something that can keep you for a long time.

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