Can you increase sexuality with the power of science and achieve a better sex life?

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Sexless and sexual desire are caused by various causes such as fatigue, stress, decline due to age, mannerism, mental resistance and so on. Resolve these, scientifically to increase libidoAsapSCIENCEIt introduces.

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Human libido,hormoneIt is controlled by.

When libido is increased and excited, humans send signals to the pelvis from the brain and the nervous system. Then, the blood vessel expands and the heart rate increases, and in the brainNoradrenalinAnd dopamine, and other neurotransmitters are released, and the body becomes comfortable.

In order to raise such libido, humans have eaten foods said to be oyster, chocolate, avocado etc. "It has the effect of nourishing tonic." However, there seems to be no scientific basis for "increasing libido" in these foods.

Viagra is also known as a medicine with the effect of treating erectile dysfunction, but contrary to facts that are generally believed, it does not arouse sexuality. Viagra acts on the peripheral nervous system to inhibit the secretion of the enzyme, which improves blood flow to the penis and supports erection only.

Viagra does not increase libido, nor does it cause erection without initial stimulation by sexual desire. Also note that Viagra has no effect on women.

However, a "mysterious substance" that enhances sexual desire was found in places. The mysterious substance is "melanocortin", which is known as a substance that controls skin pigmentation. I can get sunburn without taking sunlightSunless TanningA scientist who was trying to make an agent studied melanocortin and found that he found it effective for erecting the penis of a man.

When injecting a substance called "melanotan-II" synthesized from this melanocortin into a 10 mg male, erection lasted more than 8 hours without any stimulus, and strong nausea and vomiting occurred at the same time.

If the amount injected was reduced to 2.5 mg, the erection lasted 2 to 3 hours, but the symptoms of nausea were still seen.

When this was further reduced to 1.25 mg, the male began to get excited without stimulation and erected without nausea. Moreover, this substance was effective not only by injection but also by incorporating it into the body using a nasal spray, and it showed that it was effective also for women.

This substanceEstradiol benzoateYaProgesteroneIt was also found that when female rats were injected with female rats, they frankly moved about and began asking for mating with the males by moving their ears in front of the male.

Melanocortin is not regulated for use in any region of the world, but it is not approved as "a substance that increases sex drive."

In addition, melanocortin was appliedBremelanotideThe medicine that is currently undergoing clinical trials as a medicine possibly usable for treatment of sexual disorders. This drug acts directly on the central nervous system, so it seems to be effective for both men and women.

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