Techniques and examples of "Image" selection techniques that appeal to the potential awareness of site viewers to enhance conversions

By choosing and using photos to use for websites, we will encourage the potential consciousness of people browsing the site, control the impression of the site itself, and ultimately will be betterconversionTips for getting involved in market research and SEONick ColeendaHe is clarifying on his blog.

Which Stock Photos Convert Higher?

When humans see pictures, various circuits of the brain are stimulated, they unconsciously associate various images with each other. For that reason, Mr. Kolenda thinks that by clearly taking advantage of this unconscious "association game", she can clearly communicate the site policy to the reader and achieve a better conversion rate.

According to Mr. Kolenda, referring to various academic papers, people point out "Conversion" of the following three patterns from photographs and images.

◆ 1: Rational Conversations
For example, it is important for people who subscribe to technology blogs to appeal to reason and rationality because there is a purpose to obtain technical hints. For that reason, knowing what kind of association a person who values ​​rationality will be a clue for increasing the conversion rate.

· Image of MRI
(PDF file)One studyWe investigated the following MRI image, images related to other brains, bar charts, etc. on the "how to feel the reliability of information", it was found that the MRI image has a "reliability of information It is known that the effect that makes you feel high is the highest.

· Business related images
Images related to business scenes such as briefcases and fountain pens can cause "competition"(PDF file)the studyIt is clarified by.

· Images of Asian men
It is also effective to use potential stereotypes. In Europe and the United States in general it is said that there is a fixed idea that "women are not good at mathematics", "people in Asia have excellent mathematical skills". Such as supporting(PDF file)ExperimentAs a result of questioning about race before mathematical tests, the group of Asians upgraded their grades. On the other hand, when I asked questions about gender, I heard that the results of the group of females went down.

Taking such a potential stereotype as an opportunity, if you want to promote a rational association, you should choose C of Asian men, not A or B in the bottom.

◆ 2: Emotional Conversions
Mr. Kolenda thinks that it is the appeal to "emotion" that it is effective for those checking information sites about the latest fashion.

· Capricious cuteness
He or she chooses one of the Amazon's gift cards with different designs and then selects a favorite movie from the movie list(PDF file)ExperimentThen, it turns out that it relates to the preference of the picture and the movie. According to the experimental results, those who chose a cute pattern like A "The worst wedding plan in Blythe Maze history"Or"TedIt was said that it tended to like entertainment work such as.

However, it is strangely said that "cute baby" picture has an influence that hurts passions(PDF file)the studyThere is also. As you can see, the reason is not clear, but there seems to be "a picture that is avoidable if it is avoided".

A smile
In psychology, by imitating the other's gestures and expressions, the opponent has a good impression "Chameleon effectThere is a way of thinking. If you want to convey a fun image that is exactly opposite to a serious one, the technique of using a smiley photo is effective. In that respect all the photos above are correct. Especially the smile of C is said to be better.

However, it is important not only to smile but also to choose throughout the body, Mr. Kolenda says. For example, it is said that the gesture of doing arm-strokes evokes an association of "closing the mind"the studyThere are also, in that sense, all the above three pictures are rejected. In such a case, if you remove the part that is arm-wrapped by trimming, you may be able to increase conversion more.

Gaze movement
The birth nature of "People follow other people's line of sight" is said to reside in the amygdala of the brain(PDF file)the studythere is. There is no hand that does not utilize such characteristics.

This is a diagram showing the direction of the line of sight of the person who saw the page with the text on the right side of the picture of the baby, the gaze movement range is color-coded, and it is often seen in the order of green → yellow → red It is represented. In the case of this page, the baby's face is attracting the most attention, and the line of sight is not much moved to the right text.

However, if you change the photo of the baby to "look at the title of the text part", the line of sight of the page viewer gathers at the text part, including the image image under the text, so that it can be seen from the whole I will. Although it is almost the same page content, it seems to be said that it is a good example that there are cases where you can see the site in more detail by merely devising how to use images.

◆ 3: Association of social contribution type (Prosocial Conversions)
For sites that make social contributions such as fundraising activities and signature campaigns a goal, it is important for them to have a "moral" image. Crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter will also be classified as this social contribution type site.

Surprisingly, when people are thinking about themselves, they feel awkward(PDF file)the studyIt is clear from. And it is also understood that people try to overcome such awkwardness by causing moral and social contribution behavior. Since such an awkwardness is a very small emotional change, I usually do not have consciousness, but to make my behavior "something of social value" "aware" is aimed at social contribution Mr. Kolenda says that it is very important for the site you do.

· Eye image
When the experiment of collecting the lunch fee was done in the box "honesty box" which can be paid by freely setting the price of the lunch, "flower" in the room where the box was placed I decorated the image and the image of the "eyes", and the amount we gathered in the 10 weeks was that the eyes were three times more than the flowers. It seems to be said that it is effective to use the image of eyes to boost social contribution.

· Pointing image that "You are you!"
When applying the idea of ​​"movement of line of sight" to social contribution type site, it is effective in promoting awareness that pointing image is just saying "It depends on you!"

· Money and religion
Also, Mr. Kolenda believes that images of "money" should be avoided in social contribution type sites. On the other hand, it is effective for people with a lot of religious beliefs in Westerners because the image of "religion" is reminiscent of the spirit of service.

It is like this when summarizing effective images to appeal to the potential consciousness of Mr. Kolenda's site viewer. In conclusion, the image of "smile" and the technique of "movement of gaze" seems to be said to be versatile.

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