I tried Sony's new action cam "FDR-X1000V" & "HDR-AS 200V" in haste

Sony supports 4K movie shooting "FDR-X1000V"Which is equipped with a camera shake correction function approximately three times as much as the conventional model"HDR - AS 200 VWe will release two action cameras on March 13, 2015. Since I was able to borrow two real machines before release, I tried checking the image quality and usability of the new model.

FDR-X1000V | Digital HD Video Camcorder Recorder Action Cam | Sony

HDR-AS 200V | Digital HD Camcorder Recorder Action Cam | Sony

RM-LVR2 | Digital HD Camcorder Recorder Action Cam Accessory | Sony

◆ Appearance check · FDR-X1000V
"FDR-X1000V"It is in a strong case made of acrylic.

A major feature is that it corresponds to 440 movie shooting of 3840 × 2160 (30p).

The contents are FDR-X1000V main body, Micro-USB cable, battery pack, mounting buckle, flat / curved surface mount, sticker, instructions.

The FDR-X1000V main body was fixed to the pedestal in a state of being housed in the water proof case.

Loosen the screw on the bottom with a coin ......

With the lock released, the FDR - X1000V main unit + water proof case can be removed from the pedestal.

Removing the lock part allows you to remove the FDR - X1000V main body. The attached waterproof case corresponds to water depth of 10 meters.

FDR - X 1000 V is a palm size. It weighs about 89 grams.

On the right side are "PREV (back)" button, "NEXT (advance)" button, LCD monitor.

A lock button, a record button on the top.

Equipped with ZEISS tessar lens with F value of 2.8. The number of effective pixels is 8.8 million pixels, 1 / 2.3 type Exmor R CMOS sensor is adopted.

The microphone is mounted under the front lens.

There is nothing particularly on the left side.

Two large and small screw holes for fixing with a tripod on the bottom.

Rear cover with lock.

Lowering the lever from "LOCK" to "OPEN" ... ...

The battery holder opens. Micro micro HDMI port, media slot, Micro-USB port to the right of the battery inlet. The recording media are compatible with microSD cards and Memory Stick Micro.

In addition, it is also possible to open only the right side half cover.

It is like this when put in a water proof case. About 114 grams in this state.

Microphone hole is open but waterproof.

The "HOLD" button on the top surface is a locking mechanism that can not simply press the recording button of the water proof case, you can not operate the lock button on the main body. For this reason, if you notice that the lock button on the main unit is ON after storing the waterproof case, you may feel inconvenienced because you need to remove and operate the main unit.

There is also a screw hole on the bottom of the waterproof case, and it can be fixed to a tripod or the like.

◆ Appearance review · HDR-AS 200V
On the other hand, this is the standard model "HDR-AS 200V" that supports full HD movie shooting. Equipped with ZEISS tessar lens as well as FDR-X1000V. Mike also placed in front. Previous model "HDR-AS 100V"We are improving the quality of full HD from.

LCD monitor on the right side, "PREV (back)" button, "NEXT (advance)" button.

Size is exactly the same as HDR-AS 100V, weight is 68 grams and light weight.

The HDR-AS 200V has a recording button at the opposite position to the lens. It can not deny that it is hard to shoot when compared with FDR - X1000V which has a record button on the top. Aside from when shooting movies, one hand operation is quite difficult when shooting still images, so I want you to review the placement location.

Remove cover with recording button to access battery / recording media.

Screw hole for the tripod on the bottom.

The Micro - USB port for charging is hidden under the cover on the bottom.

Comparing HDR-AS 200 V (top) and FDR-X 1000 V (bottom) side by side, we can see that HDR-AS 200 V is a little smaller.

It is like this when compared in portrait orientation.

The waterproof case is also attached to HDR-AS 200V.

◆ Appearance review · RM-LVR2
New type of live view remote control corresponding to FDR-X1000V · HDR-AS 200VRM-LVR 2"

A wristband type with LCD monitor. In addition to being able to operate recording start / stop and check the angle of view during shooting, it also supports file playback.

The belt is a Velcro type.

The arm ate is made of rubber making it less slippery.

When wearing it on the arm it is like this. Although it seems to get caught in the sleeve of the coat, it is light weight as it is about 64 grams, so comfort is never bad. Since RM - LVR 2 is water - proof up to 3 meters in depth, you can wear it and enjoy surfboards and marine jets etc.

I tried using
I tried using FDR - X1000V · HDR - AS 200 V in cooperation with the live view remote control RM - LVR 2. Once pairing registration is completed, the live view function can be used immediately after the power is turned on, so operability is very good. You can check how fast you can pair with the following movie.

Sony's live view remote control "RM - LVR 2" and action cam "FDR - X1000 VR fast linkage - YouTube

While tracking the speed of the pairing itself, tracking ability with little delay is noticed, so you can shoot while checking the video in real time. It seems to be said that it can be said to be a big advantage compared to GoPro, which has considerable delay when linked with smartphones.

In addition, it was impossible to simultaneously monitor with two RM - LVR 2 connected to one FDR - X1000V.

· Movie shooting
It is like this when taking a picture of cycling at FDR-X 1000 V with 4K image quality.

A 4K (30p) movie taken with Sony's action cam "FDR - 1000V" looks something like this - YouTube

Although it is a high-resolution 4K movie, unless camera shake correction is ineffective, vibrations such as cycling will become a severe image in a larger scene.

When shooting with one HDR-AS 200V, the situation changes completely. It is possible to check the power of the image stabilizer function that "It is about 3 times blur compared with the predecessor HDR-AS 100V" in the following movie. You can feel the effect of a powerful image stabilizer function as if you are going to sweep like floating in the air.

Sony's action cam "HDR-AS 200V" image stabilization is quite powerful - YouTube

I tried sinking in the aquarium to try out the waterproof performance.

Shooting in the aquarium with FDR-X 1000 V but the shooting distance is too short to blur - YouTube

Since the shortest shooting distance is 50 centimeters for the FDR-X1000V, it is natural that the focus will not fit and the image will be blurred. However, in underwater photography such as sea and pool, the shortest shooting distance does not seem to be a problem at all.

For both FDR-X1000V and HDR-AS 200V, 1 / 2.3 type Exmor R CMOS sensor is installed, you can shoot still images equivalent to approximately 8,790,000 pixels (3952 × 2224). It is like this when shooting with FDR-X1000V. Although it can see distortion due to wide angle, Sony is truly excellent as a pocket size compact digital camera.

Due to the focal length, it is scratching the ball to become a sweet picture in closeup.

However, it is very convenient to be able to use camera + live view remote control without worrying about rain breeze if attached to water proof case. Since both FDR-X1000V and HDR-AS 200V are lightweight and compact, they are placed in their pockets so that it can be shot without concern whether snow falls or rain, so it is not limited to sports scenes such as cycling and surfing, I felt it was quite ant to carry around with use.

The high-end model FDR-X1000V is compatible with XAVC S recording which extends XAVC for civilian use, and it takes not only 4 K movie shooting at a bit rate of 100 Mbps but also high-speed shooting with full HD 120 p and HD 240 p shooting of slow motion movies It is also possible. The standard model HDR-AS 200V also features a high-performance camera shake function, as well as a point of view function that selects wide angles of up to 170 degrees. It also supports the XAVC S format at the maximum bit rate of 50 Mbps and realizes higher image quality than the conventional model.

The "FDR-X1000V" stand alone is about 51,000 yen (excluding tax), the "FDR-X1000 VR Live View Remote Control Kit" set with RM-LVR 2 is 60,000 yen (excluding tax), the unit of "HDR-AS 200 V" The HDR-AS 200VR Live View Remote Control Kit is scheduled to be released on March 13, 2015 with 47,000 yen (excluding tax), 7,500 yen (excluding tax).

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