I tried using a camera waterproof cover "Outex" which can be operated easily even after installation

Waterproof cases for cameras will be necessary if you plan to shoot sticking photos in the water such as the ocean and pool, but if you put the camera in the case, movement of the finger is restricted and adjustments such as ISO sensitivity and white balance are always made It is also a fact that it becomes difficult to use in places where it is necessary. So I put a camera in a soft material cover and made it easy to operate even from the top of the cover "Outex"is.

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The sent box is like this. The corner was a bit crushed.

Inside of the box are rubber cover, optical lens, LCD viewfinder, strap holder, neck strap. Since there are no instruction manual etc.,Check the installation method on the websiteLet's proceed while doing.

So, I prepared the camera and attached it immediately.

First, decompose the optical lens into three parts.

Attach the largest ringer to the lens of the camera.

Holes are open in the cover of the lens LCD part, so wrap around it ......

Insert the camera from the hole.

Next, prepare a ring of optical lenses decomposed earlier.

From the bottom, overlap the lenses, cover and rings in order, and fix the cover to the lens.

Subsequently, the ring of the LCD viewfinder is also disassembled.

We will attach it to the cover in the same way as for optical lens.

Attach the strap holder from the top of the cover ... ...

Tighten the strap and secure it to the camera.

Completed with neck strap attached.

It actually looks like this when you hang from the neck.

Reviewed beforeDikapaku Alpha WP-S10Since it was a type that puts your finger into the case and operates it, there was a limitation on the movement of the finger.

However, since Outex wraps the camera with a soft material, operation from the top of the cover is also fun. As long as you remember the position of the button, you can operate almost the same as when you do not cover by moving your fingers freely.

You can see the actual operation of the camera from the following movie.

Touching the camera after attaching the waterproof cover "Outex" looks like this - YouTube

The viewfinder is big, so you can see clearly the display. Operation such as ISO and white balance could be done comparatively easily.

Of course possible zooming.

Where the operation feel is known, I will actually put the camera into the water.

Xaven! And even if it sinks vigorously, air will not leak out of the gap.

Pictures taken in the water are like this.

When pulling up from the water, of course the cover is bisho-basho.

However, when I took out the camera, no water was coming in and the camera was safe.

However, because the inside of the cover is powdery, it seems that the camera has become dusty for a while.

Because the order will be ordered according to the camera in hand, the price will go back and forth depending on the camera and lens you are using, but the set for this 100L cover, optical lens, LCD viewfinder, strap holder, neck strap is $ 274.95 (About 27,000 yen) was. For people who want to adjust the settings to take a sticking picture underwater, it is very easy to use and it is recommended.

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