"TITANIUM NANO COATING" will be developed that can perform water repellency anything and will not degrade performance even with wear

Various coating agents which increase hydrophobicity (water repellency) to repel water have been developed,You can waterproof iPhone just by sprayingThings are also on the market. However, most water repellent coatings had poor abrasion resistance and had the problem of lowering water repellency performance over time. Under such circumstances, by coating nano-titanium oxide, a coating agent (hereinafter referred to as "titanium oxide nanocoating") having a self-cleaning function that can maintain water repellency performance even when worn, and which is washed away naturally with dirt from water, Has been newly developed.

Robust self-cleaning functions that function when exposed to either air or oil

Water droplets bounce off these new self-cleaning surfaces | Ars Technica

The effect of processing various surface of material with titanium oxide nanocoating can be confirmed with the following movie.

Lu2 - YouTube

First, coating on the glass surface, try dropping water drops from above.

Water droplets striking the glass surface are bounced back without being crushed. It is a sight like a bouncing ball hitting a wall.

Several drops of water have quieted on the glass surface, although the waterdrops can be steadily gotten down, the bounds settled down.

Next is coating the surface of iron. Like the previous one, let it rain water drops.

Water drops bouncing just like the glass surface.

Cover glass, iron followed by soft material absorbent cotton.

Soft fiber is a complicated surface, but it repels water drops without problems.

Water droplets sandwiched between fiber and fiber keep spherical shape, there is no sign of soaking into.

The last is filter paper.

It also shows high water repellency against paper materials.

Titanium oxide nanocoat isUniversity College LondonProfessor Lu Yao developed a coating agent, titanium oxide with ethanolTriethoxy-1H, 1H, 2H, 2H-tridecafluoro-n-octylsilaneIt is said to be dissolved in the solvent. In addition, it seems that the surface of the material coated with titanium oxide nanocoat has been confirmed to have a self-coating function which is washed off with water even if dirt adheres.

Many of the conventional coating agents had a drawback that the water repellent performance deteriorated due to the abrasion of the surface or adhesion of grease such as sebum, whereas the titanium oxide nanocoating has problems such as fat, scratches, scratches Professor Lou says that water repellent performance will not be deteriorated by abrasion. Titanium oxide nanocoating, which does not degrade coating performance due to oil, is expected to be applied not only to water repellent treatment but also to surface processing with ball bearings.

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