Next generation game engine "Unity 5" finally released, also released a real-time rendering movie whose breasts are expanding

Unity Technologies, which provides an integrated game development environment for multi-platform,Game Developers Conference 2015(GDC 2015) "to carry out a special event," next generation game engine "Unity 5Finally released. A tremendous quality produced using Unity 5Realtime Rendering MovieIt is also open to the public.

Unity 5

The function of the game engine has evolved from the previous work dramatically, one of which is "Enlighten" of the real-time lighting system. It renders lighting effects etc. with high quality.

Unity 5 has a new built-in physical base shader system. The system enables you to cover the shadows of various materials such as metal, plastic and clothing under all lighting environments.

The function "HDR Reflection Probes" is realistic based on environmentSpecular highlightReproducible.

The new audio mixer has been adapted to complicated real-time reroute and effect scenarios.

Also, in cooperation with Mozilla, UnityWebGLWhenAsm.jsCorrespond to. By downloading Unity 5 you can have early access to the WebGL add-on.

The charm of Unity 5 which is hard to communicate even if explained by words is understood well by seeing the following movie.

Unity 5 - The Blacksmith - GDC 2015 - YouTube

The stone that the center glows red is like the real stone with the texture of the surface.

The light to be inserted into the dark room and the shadow created by the light creates a space full of reality.

When the character got out snow was a little dancing. Real-time rendering is unlikely.

Beautiful scenery. Even the mountains that are fairly distant are represented even in small parts such as shapes and decadent slopes.

Unity 5 is provided with a free Personal version that can use all basic functions and two of Professional version with full function with bulk purchase of 75 dollars a month (about 9000 yen) or 1,500 dollars (about 180,000 yen) It is. I am excited about expectations as to what kinds of games will be produced in Unity 5 in the future.

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