Lenovo launches the Superfish automatic deletion tool, WindowsDefender is expected to support it

ByRob Pegoraro

Software preinstalled on Lenovo PC "VisualDiscovery (Superfish)IsVery dangerous security holeAlthough it was pointed out that it was pointed out that Lenovo officially launched Superfish's automatic deletion tool, Microsoft's security tool "Windows Defender"However, it became clear that it is expected to correspond to detection and deletion of Superfish.

Lenovo Newsroom | Updated Lenovo Statement on Superfish

The statement issued by Lenovo after pointed out the risk of Superfish becoming a security hole reveals that in addition to the manual superfish deletion method, a tool to automatically delete Superfish and self-signed certificate has been released .

The possibility that Superfish is installed is the model of E / Flex / G / M / S / U / Y / Yoga Z series among the Lenovo notebook PCs sold after the summer of 2014, "It does not affect ThinkPad, ThinkCentre, Lenovo Desktop, ThinkStation, ThinkServer, and System x products."

The automatic deletion tool released by Lenovo is also published on Lenovo's Japanese page.

How to uninstall Superfish - Lenovo Support (JP)

In addition, Lenovo said that it is developing tools and technologies to detect and delete Superfish software jointly with McAfee and Microsoft, and the Italian security consultantFilippo ValsordaSays that it is compatible with detection and deletion of Superfish in version 1.193.444.0 of the Microsoft security tool "Windows Defender".

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