"OLYMPUS AIR A01" haste photo review which can photograph with a micro Four Thirds lens without a general camera body

While it is a camera that can be used by replacing the lens of the micro Four Thirds standard, it is not common that there is no "camera body"OLYMPUS AIR A01"is. Unlike ordinary cameras, the shooting method is not to check the subject through the viewfinder, but to connect the smartphone and OLYMPUS AIR A 01 and check the subject from the smart screen. Since it has been transmitted from the appearance that it is becoming a strange camera, what kind of terminal it is actuallyCP + 2015I have checked at.

OLYMPUS AIR A01 | Open platform camera | Olympus

In the OLYMPUS booth ......

Arrived at "OLYMPUS AIR A01" booth.

This slightly longer lens looks like "OLYMPUS AIR A 01". It is a clear camera that can take pictures with just this.

OLYMPUS AIR A01 can be used by exchanging the lens of Micro Four Thirds standard. In the photo, the silver part is the lens of Micro Four Thirds standard, the part where the white part corresponds to the main body of OLYMPUS AIR A 01.

It is like this when actually removing the lens. The sensor of OLYMPUS AIR A01 is a 4/3-type Live MOS sensor, it is an image that seems to work only by punching only the center part of the body of the mirrorless single-lens camera.

There is a small power button on the side of the main unit, and the gray part above it is a shutter.

Micro - USB port and Wi - Fi switch on the bottom. Charging the main body is done from this Micro-USB port and connect smartphone and OLYMPUS AIR A 01 with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

There is also a screw hole for a tripod on the side of the main unit.

You can access the microSD card slot by removing the bottom cover.

The body structure looks something like this, the battery has become unremovable.

OLYMPUS AIR A01 with 14 - 42 mm EZ lens attached in hand when it is in this size.

There is also an attachment for attaching a smartphone to OLYMPUS AIR A01.

It is like this when fixing iPhone 6 with this. It changed to look like a digital camera at once.

If you want to install a larger size smartphone switch the switch on the bottom from "SMALL" to "LARGE". Put the switch on the "LARGE" side, the lid part holding the smartphone will open more than 90 degrees.

This will allow you to install even smartphones like iPhone 6 Plus.

The nail portion that holds smartphone on OLYMPUS AIR A 01 will stretch as you pull it. This makes it possible to hold terminals of various sizes.

Also, micro Four Thirds lens can be worn, so it may be so big size depending on the lens.

When connected to a smartphone, you can check the appearance of the camera on this screen on the smartphone screen like this.

Put on hands. Since the shutter is on the side of the main unit of OLYMPUS AIR A 01, the shutter can be easily blown with either hand on either side.

It is also possible to switch off the shutter or zoom in and zoom out from the dedicated application side.

Not only for program auto, it is also possible to shoot manually, such as aperture priority mode and shutter priority mode.

ISO sensitivity is 200 to 12800.

White balance is selected from 7 types including auto.

Of course it is also possible to adjust the aperture and shutter speed manually depending on the mode to be used.

In addition, you can change the aspect ratio. There are 4 types available: 4: 3, 16: 9, 3: 2, 1: 1.

Putting and looking is just a lens, but it is truly a surprise to be able to take photographs similar to mirrorless just by this.

In addition, OLYMPUS AIR A01 is scheduled to be released on March 6, 2015, tax inclusive 36504 yen for body only, 145 to 42 mm EZ lens kit is 53, 588 yen including tax.

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