CarPlay wireless connection · Google 2-step verification · New pictogram added on "iOS 8.3", and contents of "iOS 9"

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For Apple developers "IOS 8.3 beta"When"Swift 1.2, Xcode 6.3 beta"Has been released. The update of iOS 8.3 revealed that "iPhone and CarPlay wireless connection" "Google's 2-step authentication login standard support" "new emoji" is added.

IOS 8.3 brings wireless CarPlay, improved Google login, new Emojis, China Apple Pay | 9to5Mac

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Swift 1.2 and Xcode 6.3 beta - Swift Blog - Apple Developer

Apple's proprietary car navigation standard "CarPlay" was connecting the iPhone and the car with a Lightning cable, allowing access to various iOS applications, but from iOS 8.3 you will be able to wirelessly access iPhone to CarPlay. Following is a screenshot released by 9to 5 Mac, it is expected to be able to realize that it is possible to activate voice operation by pushing the button inside the handle of the car.

Also, OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite knows "Google's two-step standard support for standards" and "Add new emoji", but in iOS 8.3 two functions will be added as well. OtherUnion PayThanks to Apple Pay via China you can use it in China and health care applications and the famous American general hospitalMayo ClinicIt is also known that there is a coordination function with the website of.

Apple has released iOS major updates for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch every year, and it is seen that "iOS 9" will appear in 2015.According to contents obtained from 9to 5Mac sources, IOS 9 is an update that focuses on "large" bug fixes and stability improvements, rather than adding new features, which means that performance will improve dramatically. However, updates to iOS 9 may be limited to 64-bit A7, A8, A9 processor loaded devices, iPhone 5c, iPad miniIPod touch fifth generationIt is said that the former terminal may not be applicable.

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