Heavy "Tetsujin 28" heavier than 2 kg and full height 37 cm

Indeed, "Tetsujin" is perfect for the name of the heavyweight "Tetsujin 28"Wonder Festival 2015 [Winter]I saw it. Since the total height is 37 cm, it is placed below the line of sight, even if it is placed on the desk, but the weight is 2 kg or more, so I felt powerful just by being there It was.

Circle is 8-25-04Sea Mouse. Prototype production is Eiko Eisaku, 30,000 yen, but it was already sold out at the time of shooting.

Iron man who steadily steps on the ground

Does the thick upper arm complement the powerfulness?

Miki Yokoyama first described "Tetsujin 28" in 1956. There are toys in the iron man who is painted blue with an animated version etc, but this metallic ironman has a feeling of one weapon.

Up of the head is like this.

If there is demand, it is planned to resell at Wonder Festival.

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