I tried using "Perfect Pouch" which can make poached egg of Egg Benedict easily with unsuccessful failure

StickyPoached EggAnd cooked with Hollandaise sauce and bacon on a crisp English muffin "eggs Benedict"Is popular in Japan, cafe andSarabessYou can eat with. This poached egg is made by putting raw eggs in hot water containing vinegar, but it is quite difficult if you try it yourself. A disposable kitchen utensil that can easily make such a poached egg without failing is "Perfect pouch"is. I tried purchasing and trying, really do not fail.

TOVOLO Perfect Pouch arrived. It is a simple package made of paper.

On the back side is described how to use the perfect pouch.

A manual with pictures was also attached.

The back side has become a recipe of a typical dish "Egg Benedict" using poached eggs, and you can also learn how to make Hollandaise sauce.

When opening it, there were 20 perfect pouches inside. It is made of materials like a paper-like coffee filter, which is said to have a negative impact on healthBPAIt is said that it is not used.

I tried to make a poached egg
So, I will make various kinds using a perfect porch. First from Poited Egg.

First take out one perfect pouch and open your mouth.

Set as it is in a container such as a cup.

Break the eggs.

I see the water, but the egg liquid does not seem to leak out.

I put a perfect pouch containing eggs in a pot which was boiled once and made into a low heat. By inserting it slowly, the mouth of the perfect pouch closes, the air in the inside cleans well with moisture.

Because it is about 4 minutes to 6 minutes heating with instructions, try to heat and try heating for 5 minutes.

The egg solidified, and some white matter leaked out. Eggs will not leak to the outside unless they are all clumsy. There is nothing special to do during heating, so cooking is very easy.

After 5 minutes I rescued the perfect pouch from hot water with a tongue or chopsticks.

Return it to the original cup and take the heat of the egg.

When it gets cold, when you shake it by tilting it to the dish ... ...

"Purun" and a beautiful poached egg came out. Normally it is necessary to put vinegar in hot water, adjust fire balance or mix hot water so that it does not cling to the bottom, but just by leaving the perfect pouch in hot water, this level of poached egg You can cook. In addition, perfect pouch is used up once.

Completed sprinkling salt and pepper and parsley. When I tried to break it with a knife, I saw a slender yellow yolk, but it was not like flowing out, but like a yolk of a spa egg.

Unlike hot spring eggs, white matter was firmly fixed.

In order to explore the time to make poached egg which we made a little more, we try to heat it in 4 minutes this time.

The finish is like this. Because it becomes flat with a perfect pouch, it seems that it is impossible to make a popped poached egg. Also, when the white matter is sticking to the paper at the time of taking out, if you peel gently with a spoon, you can take out the egg without breaking it.

When putting a knife in a poached egg which has been heated for 4 minutes, a wonderfully soothing yolk flows out, unexpectedly "Ooooo!" This time I used egg size L, I knew that I can change the addition by boiling by rounding up by more than 5 minutes if I want to eat it for hardening, 4 minutes if I want to let it go.

I tried making Egg Benedict
I will make Egg Benedict in accordance with the recipe of the instruction where I am doing extra digestion. First of all, from the making of the Hollandaise sauce. Measure 70 g of butter and melt butter in a microwave or hot water. It is an amazing amount of butter for 2 servings.

Then put three egg yolks into the ball.

While stirring this, stir it with a whisk. I did not write the temperature of hot water, so I ate it at about 60 degrees. When the temperature of the eggs reaches the temperature of human skin, stir eggs raised from hot water.

After a while the color of the egg liquid will start to change, so if you decide to say "as if" from smoothly on the whole OK.

Dissolved butter put in egg solution divided into 4 to 5 times. It is about separating when you put them all at once, so it was okay if you mixed well each time you added it.

When you put all the butter and mix it, it turns into a more vivid yellow. When the mild beat is lightly kneaded, the sauce is completed by mixing a little salt of pepper and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.

I will make a poached egg on Egg Benedict.

At the same timing, grill the English muffin cut in half with a toaster oven for 4 to 5 minutes.

Also bacon is beside poached eggs.

From below, put English muffin -> bacon -> poached egg -> orhandes sauce in turn. A stunning Egg Benedict that comes out at the shop is completed.

When I put a knife in, a bright orange yolk flowed out. The crispy feel of English muffins does not stop.

When I tried to eat with Hollandaise sauce and yolk well, it genuinely tasted enough to be perplexed as "Do you really made this by yourself?" Despite using so much butter, the sauce is lightly cheese sauce-like taste, it fits well with pozzy poached eggs and bacon well. Making the Hollandaise sauce is a little laborious, but it's a quality that you can get pleased even if you give it to people, so if you buy a perfect pouch it's a menu you should make once.

◆ Easy Arrange Menu with Poached Egg
As poached eggs are said to match vegetables and meat, firstJar saladServe the surplus vegetables in making ... ...

I put a poached egg made with the perfect porch. Just a Caesar sauce, just a salad is a little feast.

When you cook with yolk, eat it, the compatibility of moderately heated yolks and Caesar sauce is outstanding. Recommended because salad with satisfying feeling can be made in no time.

Next, slice roast beef of packs sold at supermarkets etc

Serve a small potato salad in the center of the dish.

We arrange roast beef around potato salad. When poached egg was put on the apex, yolk flowed out and it became crushed but roast beef with poached egg was completed.

Temperate poached eggs can not be tasty together with meat. Perfect pouch makes it easy to make dishes that look easy even with sudden visitors. There are other recipes that you can put on poached eggs on toast or steak or beef bowl, so if you like eggs you should not lose it.

Include 20 TOVOLO perfect pouch packs. In addition to selling at kitchen equipment corners such as Loft, even at the following shops, we sell by 918 yen including shipping fee by shipping fee. The lowest price isAmazon 734 yen including tax · shipping includedAlthough it was, it is out of stock at the time of article writing.

[Rakuten Ichiba] [mail service correspondence] Tovolo (Toboro) Perfect pouch 20 sheets entered Giff easy packing; Giff easy address books; Angers (interior goods)

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