I played free touch typing sound gee "typebeatscloud" using YouTube movies

Combining music games and typing gamesTypebeatscloud"Is a browser game that you can play for free. While enjoying sound games using YouTube movies,Touch typingI was able to practice and so I actually tried playing it.

Free touch typing sound gauge typebeatscloud

You can check the actual movie playing typebeatscloud from the movie below.

I played "FF 6 Final Battle" with "typebeatscloud" - YouTube

URL of typebeatscloudWhen opening, the popular music is displayed at the bottom of the page, so let's select and play three "star of attacks - OP - Guren no Bow arrow -" with three difficulties.

When the following image is displayed, press "Enter" to start the game.

Since the rule is simple, since the note (object) with the alphabet written from the top drops down, just input the specified key at the timing when it overlaps the keyboard exactly.

If the timing matches, "COOL"

If the timing was slightly off, "GOOD"

"BAD" will be displayed if the timing deviates greatly. Although the timing of the key input may feel that it may be deviated from the timing of the music depending on the song, there is no problem if you get used to it. However, as the timing does not match, it does not sound because the note is pressed in good timing, so it is necessary to glance over the "COOL" indication on the left side of the screen to see if you can push it exactly.

The difficulty will change completely depending on whether or not you properly grasp the layout of the keyboard to recognize the letters descending from above and then enter the key. Sometimes it got panicked by mistake.

The score is clear with over 70 thousand points or more, after clear it shows the rate of play. If you create an account and play it, your score can be reflected in the rankings or you can create a score and post.

The editorial staff called "confident in typing" asked six challenged "FF 6 decisive battle" difficulty level.

The state of the challenge can be confirmed from the following movie.

I played "FF 6 Final Battle" with "typebeatscloud" - YouTube

FF 6 The decisive battle sometimes has difficulty of six stars, and the falling speed of the note is getting faster.

There are so many things that it will fall five times in a row, so if you made a mistake panic inevitably.

Still do not repeat "COOL" ... ...

He earned the rate "S" at 90,000 points. From the editorial staff who played it was pointed out that "I am glad when I know the length of the song", "There are times when it is difficult to see the characters on the note surface", but it is an excellent game to get the keyboard placement at the head .

Furthermore, when the same editorial staff played "Advance Giant OP - Crimson Bow and Arrow -", she got full mark in the second play. The full score is 100,000 points and the rate becomes "SSS". People who are not confident in blind touch seems to have difficulty increasing gradually from difficulty level for the first time gradually.

When typebeatscloud creates an account and signs in, users can create a score and post it. Therefore, depending on things it is impossible to get a perfect score? There are things that seem to be, so it is recommended to challenge various songs. You may also search for your favorite music score and play it, but it's ok to work seriously to improve typing speed.

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