Free support of Windows 7 and acceptance of specification change request terminated

Microsoft announced on January 13th of the U.S. time that it includes "free support on Windows 7" and "Mainstream supportWe have announced that we have finished. On the other hand, important security support and so on will continue.

Windows 7 Mainstream End of Support Notice - Microsoft

Microsoft provides support for security and specification changes for 10 years after the release of each generation's OS, but in particular during the first five years, support including free support, OS specification change and reception of new functions including " Main stream support "is provided. But since Windows 5 released on October 22, 2009 has been five years since its launch, main stream support ended on January 13, 2015. After mainstream support has ended, we will provide "security updates" for at least 5 years and "Extended supportIt will be continued.

The support that ended on January 13 and the content of support that will be provided over the next five years are as follows. Since the appearance of Windows 7 has already passed five years already, it seems that scenes that actually require free support and specification change request are limited, so the impact on general users seems limited I will.

Nonetheless, there is no doubt that Windows 7 support will be completely terminated in another five years, so it seems necessary for Windows 7 users to consider switching at some point. Especially, if you continue to use the old OS even after the security update has been renewed, measures against damage to yourself, as well as damage to an unspecified number of PCs connected through the network can be promoted, so measures are essential.

Windows 7 which is a direct line of popular Windows XP is still popular still and continues to use Windows 7 even in the business scene in particular in reaction to the fact that the successor Windows 8 changed the UI significantly It is considered to have many cases. By around 2020 that support of Windows 7 will end completely, when Windows XP's support expired, the "2014 issueIt is not a case where it can not be rekindled, so it may be better to keep in mind that it will take several years for a smooth transition.

In that sense as well, it will be announced in January 2015 "Windows 10"What kind of OS is better to check people who are not planning to use at the moment.

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