Dropbox ends support for Windows XP in the summer of 2016

Microsoft has finished extending support for Windows XP in April 2014, but as of April 2016 two years since the end of support still still 10% of PCs around the world are using Windows XPWatchedis. While Windows XP shares are gradually declining by the end of support for software for Windows XP, online storage service "Dropbox"Announced support end of the desktop application for Windows XP.

Reasons why support of Windows XP ends with Dropbox and future correspondence (Dropbox Help Center)

Dropbox can operate files with PC / mobile terminal applications and web browsers, but if you are using the Dropbox desktop application on Windows XP, after June 26, 2016 you download files from the application with dropbox.com In addition to logging in to existing accounts and creating new accounts will also be stopped.

Also, after August 29, 2016, the Dropbox desktop application is no longer fully supported in Windows XP, and all Dropbox accounts linked with Windows XP will automatically be logged out on the due date. However, it does not make any changes to the account, it is possible to continue using existing accounts from browser version dropbox.com or compatible PC / mobile terminal applications other than Windows XP.

Dropbox is for Windows XP users, MicrosoftUpgrade procedureWe recommend updating the OS to Windows Vista / 7/8/10 according to. If you really want to use Dropbox for Windows XP, you can still use Dropbox with Windows XP if you use the browser version dropbox.com.

"Dropbox regularly releases the latest version of Dropbox application with new features, superior performance, enhanced security, but the latest version is older operating system Microsoft does not support Windows XP in April 2014. Dropbox also terminates support for Dropbox application for Windows XP in order to release new services without delay I will explain. "

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