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Mr. Oshii Mamoru known for such as "GHOST IN THE SHELL / Ghost in the Shell", "Mobile Police Patlabor" and "Sky Crawlers The Sky Crawlers" served as the movie version for the first time "The Mysterious Travel of Theatrical Version Nils" , But from January 31 (Saturday)Tokyo Northern Lights Festival 2015As one work in,Shibuya UplinkIt will be published in.

This work was produced in 1982, the theater version of the TV animation "Nils' Mysterious Journey" broadcasted from January 1980 to March 1981, but it was not released in theaters due to circumstances. Video software conversion and DVD conversion are done, but this is the first in the domestic market to be released at movie theaters. It is recalled that Torayumi Eyuko supervised the TV series and Oshii got him raised as a director. Three of Toriumi, Oshii, Masami Odori are credited as a director, but the movie version is said to have been a director of Oshii practically.

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If Masanori Ito wrote Momotaro - fire the soul of the man!

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Kenyan sorcerer, failure to resuscitate villagers rage pictures 1 international news: AFPBB News

"Why the government can not move: America's failure and the idea of ​​the next generation government" by Donald Kettle | Kousyoublog

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Whatever you say, I want Tomino and G Reco to be like Tomino. But is it also an illusion? - Kuzuki Temple - Anime & amp; Creation -

Reason why something lost "G Reco" draws future technology - "I want children to see" From the viewpoint of Tomino remark

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Great ☆ Ryuugin [Appearance story] / 30 seconds - YouTube

Kamikaze Video Demo Reel Kamikaze Douga Animation Works 2015 - YouTube

After checking the number of copies issued by Jump / Magazine / Sunday, Sunday is in a crisis situation. Afterwards Korokoro's Youkai PowerSgoi

I thought about marriage, pregnancy, childbirth. The most important thing is preparedness and self-determination. I want the male and female readers who wish to have children someday to read it. # Stork # Manga - The one who was destroyed is fun

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Appearance of 'Hyikkin tribe', Mr. Mitsuzo Ishii died - Entertainment News: nikkansports.com

"Kuwata Keisuke apologize to the people!" Southern affiliated office · protest in front of Amuse - YouTube

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"Cup noodle cheese potage noodle" "Ninsei's Donbu Carbonara udon" "Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O. Cheese peperoncino style" (January 26 release) | Nissin Food Group

(PDF)Tokugawa Ieyasu public opinion public release "New Tokugawa Ieyasu meat sauce set" using the ingredients of Yukari Yosuke's 400th anniversary memorial release

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