Headline news on January 26, 2015

FamilyMart conducts the project "Let's develop products suitable for freshly ground coffee ♪" with the cooperation of All About, and as a result the eight kinds of products born as a resultLaunched in FamilyMart nationwide from January 27 (Tue)It was decided to be done. The breakdown of the eight types is as follows: the tilt dessert category is "Paris Breast (Almond caramel cream)", "Salam caramel crepe (Orange sauce tailor)", the baked goods category is "Apple crumbled muffin", "Mad chocolate brownie", the bread division "Honey Cake Denish "" Hazz nuts chocolate donuts ", sandwich division" French toast sand "" Kema curry dog ​​".

By the way, GIGAZINE's past article on the same day of the same month was like this.

Spherical & mirror-finished 1 TB stylish external HDD "LaCie Sphère" - GIGAZINE

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"High taught party" in which fans who seemed to have been more than 100 people with high momentum of just 5 minutes and high touch with voice actor - GIGAZINE

Police arrested the goat actually as "robber turned magically into a goat" - GIGAZINE

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Focus: Vigilance to low hostage cases, difficult government ransom decision | Reuters

Kyoto municipal subway entrance and exit signage sign, design renewal: Kyoto newspaper

CNN.co.jp: NASA's Pluto Spacecraft, after 9 years journey, before the destination

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I prayed for studying accomplishment at Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine | INS-MAGAZINE.NET

Go to 'mt Marche at Umida Hankyu' and repo that masked the masking tape | INS-MAGAZINE.ORG

I examined the inventory situation at the main bookstore of "Impact of Islamic Countries" - Madonna and Islamic Studies

Misunderstanding as a girls' job-hunting, "easy in general occupation" | Real information for job hunting | Toyo Keizai online | Business site for new generation leaders

Convenience store eating comparison | INS-MAGAZINE.NET

Mom with visual impairment, hanging with my son for the first time with auxiliary glasses Video of blind mum seeing her baby for first time goes viral - YouTube

Introducing Osaka city's delicious Japanese sweets! | INS-MAGAZINE.NET

Osaka Univ. Minoh Campus Repoated "Tianjin Maastan Bowl" at the cafeteria | INS-MAGAZINE.ORG

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Danbo's eye-glowing USB cable "cheero DANBOARD USB Cable" use repo | INS-MAGAZINE.ORG

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to legalize the use of "TECHNICO" unauthenticated terminal - Schedule revision of Radio Law | Mobile Research Institute

We accidentally got 5 million SSH public keys WeFromYoshio Hanawa

When the Optimus-equipped laptop stops running by Oculus Rift - LotosLabo

What if "Moleskine" gets along with smartphone? | Original | Toyo Keizai Online | Business site for new generation leaders

Pitfalls in the direction of revising the Personal Information Protection Law - Do not comply with the OECD guidelines? - Togetter Summary

Can you make Japanese fonts with Glyphs Mini?

There was a fatal bug in the memory of GeForce GTX 970 The best Gravo instantly landmine - JissaTek

Current status of HTTP / 2 and the futureFromShigeki_ohtsu

Matsumoto Yukihiro is developing a new language "Streem" | Slashdot Japan Developer

Tsukurou! Firefox OS applicationFromNoritada Shimizu

Web of TechnologiesFromDynamis.

Strategist Justin Cook who led the Burberry digital revolution «WIRED.jp

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Miraculous miracle called Diva - Basic reading

【Feeling bad feeling to come back to popular rehearsal genre】 Story about coterie genre 【It is painful to deny my feelings arbitrarily without permission】 - Togetter Summary

That goaghe's apde came !! | INS-MAGAZINE.NET

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Why does a selling child celebrity make a company? | Original | Toyo Keizai Online | Business site for new generation leaders

I examined the number of employees of the J League Team | Tassiy's Blog: Blog to write about Kashiwa Reysol

I bought a new good for Aibo exhibition "Tsunoda manager's" Himakapu "L size" Repo | INS-MAGAZINE.ORG

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"Excellent Excellence Article Mandarin Kanda Supervised Chicken soba (soba noodles)" (released February 9) | Nissin Food Group

【FamilyMart Limited】 Okinawa soba's famous store "Kishimoto Shokudo" supervision cup noodles released!

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