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In the consumer electronics show (CES) which is taking place in Las Vegas, NVIDIA is a mobile superchip with processing capability exceeding 1 teraflops "Tegra X1We announced. Last year I also announced Tegra K1 at CES, but X1 has doubled the performance compared to K1. Products to be used are mobile devices, automobiles, embedded products, etc. We are planning to ship in the first half of this year.

By the way, the past article of GIGAZINE of the same month in the same month was like this.

If you go around the world by bicycle, it will be like this for one year - GIGAZINE

"Retirement Delivery PDF Maker" that allows you to create a retirement report simply by filling out a form - GIGAZINE

"Eusing Maze Lock" free software to lock desktop screen with pattern input method - GIGAZINE

Copy teaching that file copying is sacred acts to Swedish official religion - GIGAZINE

Gruppon apologized for the problem of "Bird Cafe Rushed Osechi", what the hell was the matter - GIGAZINE

Cleverly delivers overwhelming misfortune early in the New Year in the "Recession Box", Sharping the Shop Rating from Users - GIGAZINE

A couple who produced twice the probability of several million, twin of black skin and white skin - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
2 0 1 4 year Saint Louis Award - Golden Times

Topics are that Japanese funny images of JK are diffused by overseas bulletin boards and various foreign malicious collages are made by foreigners:

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Frog born tadpoles, the world's first discovered photograph in Indonesia 1 International news: AFPBB News

【STAP problem】 Symbolism behind the stupidity, a society that loses generosity or behind the riot: 47 topics - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

NHK NEWS WEB STAP question that questions the scientific community

One day "Genius" awakens the brain's limitless possibilities: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

The cause of cancer, not genetics and environment "bad luck" mostly rice research pictures 1 international news: AFPBB News

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Buddha economist, refusing to receive the national medal Books published world bestsellers - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

Tokyo newspaper: single parent allowance censored share house only with opposite sexism: society (TOKYO Web)

A rare party running shock in the history of Constitution "Party of Life and Taro Yamamoto and Nakamasa" Birth | East Sports Web? Tokyo Sports Newspaper Company

[Latitude and Longitude] The NY Times reports "Polarity of label pasting" Reporting contemptive "right wing" conspiracy to criticism of Asahi (1/3 page) - Sankei News

JK business extinction crisis from Akiba with introduction of new age restriction | East sports web? Tokyo sports newspaper

In order to strengthen the crackdown on "JK Business (JKB)" to offer school girls high school girls massage services and dates, the Juvenile Training Division of the Metropolitan Police Department is scheduled to start operations in January next year, starting from January next year, the high school aged 18 to 19 I decided a policy to add a third grader.

Mr. A, a JKB executive, said: "With this decision, active JK has become completely unemployable, JKB in Akihabara declines or is destroyed, many people have decided on a shop." "Odori" is for high school girls, there are no penalties for employment, but "If it breaks, it is certain that it will be caught in violation of labor law" (Mr. A). Police authorities said that they brought a "pledge" to each store since the middle of this month.

I want to read at year-end and new year "Economy is understood" New book · Bunko: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Tokyo Newspaper: Three parks in Shibuya closed the year-end and New Year holidays "Refusal of cooking" group rebound: society (TOKYO Web)

Publication sales drastically reduced Consumption tax increase affected NHK News

Understanding: In the intolerance era / 1 Residents, disabled anxious home in the residential area "Building living destroyed", overheated opposition campaign - Mainichi Newspapers

It is the female doctor who lives nearby that expanded the flame. I wrote it in the blog of the clinic to operate. "I want you to live happily for people with mental disorders, but do not inhibit the lives of people who are working properly and paying taxes." I put a signature form against the reception of the clinic. Empathy spread from neighboring residents to parents with children in the district, signatures exceeding 1000 people in a month.

The staff at home was upset. "It may just hurt residents." An opinion urged the withdrawal. Mr. Aono confessed that opposition campaigns were occurring to tenants.

"I thought there was such a thing ... ...." A woman in his 60s who is good at sweet pudding has appealed.

Dive into Osaka · Dotonbori Male Death New Year Celebration, Korean? - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

Evolutionary automatic ticket gate, World's first delay proof too! | Railway Forefront | Toyo Keizai Online | Business Site for New Generation Leaders

"Amazon Japan was a bloodless company" recruitment · annual salary · evaluation · PIP ... former employee speaks "reasonably over black" personnel management: MyNews Japan

Miscarried misdiagnosed patient male patient died NHK News

"Senkaku agree on maintaining the status quo" NHK News

Nanatsuka: "Sunset is a magnificent view" To get on the Orenji Railway - Mainichi Newspapers

Study on extension of Kumamoto-shi Electric western and eastern part to investigate expenses - Kumamoto's news │ Kumamichi.com

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Data Education: Which course of study teaching

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports,

"What's wrong with" AV actress! "The voice was bad feeling" Interview with sociologist Ryoumi Suzuki (Part 1) | Da Vinci News

In the past, why was not a three-dimensional picture drawn in Japan? : Philosophy News nwk

Men above the age of 35 do not take home economics courses so do not scold even if their housework abilities are low - Togetter Summary

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to verify the cost of maintaining marginal colony NHK News

The painful news (No ∀ `): To introduce the" zero overtime work "system Countries are revising the law · Voices opposing the" death from overwork "- Livedoor blog

Miscellaneous: Overseas literature Recommended writer Best 100 (2014 version) - Riche Amateur

Wai working for financial institutions talks about the wealthy people - Golden Times

Check the type of Gore-Tex for shoes and the latest "SURROUND FOOTWEAR" - Taming bird

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Hiroki Takagi @ Diary at home - Information Economy Division knows shame and dissolves (the way of personal data protection legislation 12)

Easy way to combat Adblock Edge | Just passing through

G Mail Can not be used throughout the country Regulated by the government or NHK News

Recently, do not you think blogs are getting impaired? - Miscellaneous notes of orangestar

Even if I look at the recent site, everyone has mentioned only the general theory, and although I am wrong, though I think like this, because I can only live like this, I live like this. I do not have a blog or website like that. Even if there is so, immediately, "Rip is strange" is attached, it disappears and goes away.

The net changed from "comic" to "television." - Polar bear waste basket

Ten advice to give to you who want to earn with blogs and adsense

Toshiba REGZA, advertisement is displayed if it does not cooperate with T point, when cooperation TV operation information leaks to CCC well | I believe in technology

It is specification that it can not be canceled once linked with T point. This is terrible. Even if it is supposed to replace the TV, how should we dispose of TV in connection with personal information? If you go to other people's hands well, information on T points may be leaked. Perhaps, it may be possible to delete personal information by initializing all the settings without a single cancellation method, but otherwise it seems that there is no choice but to destroy the TV at the time of replacement.

Will ads be displayed if they do not cooperate with T points? Is it possible to understand that information can not be canceled by cooperation and that information remains on TV at the time of purchase? Is it not necessary to be able to prevent advertisement from appearing at the very least, and to be able to easily cancel cooperation after cooperation?

Also, I am anxious about the information that will be passed to CCC, which operates T points after cooperation. What kind of information will be passed to CCC?

While paying to the smartphone nearly 7000 yen a month, the smartphone geek who is doing it wwww My bookmark blows a fire?

Professor Hiromichu says "It is no longer a password" "How about switching to a token system better?" - Togetter Summary

Three methods of taking pictures of blurred background with digital single lens reflex camera | Neganin

[Good news] Linux moves in the Chrome OS window! Chromebook becomes more convenient! It is!

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
2014 animation · Effect drawing 10 plus + α: GOMISTATION.gif 2

Listen to Takahata's "Tombstone of the Fireflies" so as not to repeat it again | Canaroko

- Although it is also "barefoot Gen" which is the theme of the atomic bomb, animation was used for peace education in Japan. Of course there was great significance, but I am skeptical as to whether these works can lead to anti war. No matter how much experience I've been trafficked with, I do not think it will be a power to stop the war of the future.

why. When the municipal government starts the next war, it is decided to say "I will fight to not see such a war". It is a war for self-defense. We use the ugly feeling that we do not want to repeat the disaster, and appeal to our emotions.

It can not be an animation medium! 2015 Anticipating a break voice actor | East sports web? Tokyo sports newspaper

Representation of foolish expression and female character's sexual consumption as a female figure seen in boys' manga - Togetter Summary

What I would like to minimize when talking about one-piece - (under training)

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Riko Kikuchi and Shinta Itaya marry New Year - Entertainment News: nikkansports.com

"What do I do when my life goes wrong?" Mr. Akihiro Miwa's answer is wonderful and topic? Grape - Movie media echoing "heart"

[Red and white] The lanterns are floating behind Perfume! Is it? A total of 6 million stage sets are near future. - Togetter Summary

The painful news (No ∀ `):" I'm glad I did not have to sell "Criticism of the newly-married Nakajima Mika's remarks ... The crisis of" Koda Kumi no Nai Mai "crisis - Livedoor blog

Ando Mihime 3 counterclaim against public criticism "Do not look if you hate" - Sponichi Annex figure skating

Takeshi "Comedy Boom Completely Completed" | East Sports Web? Tokyo Sports Newspaper Company

"Movie brochure of 2014" with me - The Cinema Show

"Morning" Yamagishi Ryoko New series of shocks. Jeanne d'Arc's Holy War was a correct war - exhav!

Poverty movie nine elections you want to see because it's New Year's holidays - De-poor blog

Listening: Hakone Ekiden, Sports are not Tamaki Masayuki - Mainichi Newspaper

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Japan McDonald's, "McCafe by Barista" and "Hazelnut Latte" for two items limited for a limited time

"Cup Noodle Chilli Club Seafood Noodle Big" (released on January 13) | Nissin Food Group

"Famous store series Feng chicken rice chicken seafood" (released January 19) | Nissin Food Group

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