The new MacBook Air is further thinned with the USB Type-C, AppleWatch will appear in March

Handle information on Apple products9to 5MacThe new model expected to be released in 201512 inch MacBook AirI released the forecast illustration of. In the predictive illustration rendered based on information from within Apple, you can see the port type of the main body integrated into USB Type-C and further thinning is being attempted.

Apple's next major Mac revealed: the radically new 12-inch MacBook Air | 9to5Mac

◆ 12-inch MacBook Air further thinning
Here is the image released by 9to5Mac as the new MacBook Air. The main body color is two colors of silver and space gray, it is expected that the track pad will be larger than the current type.

Most of the ports disappeared from the main body, making it look pretty refreshing. On the left side of the main body there is a pattern of 3.5 mm mini jack for sound and two microphones for the main microphone and noise canceling to be installed next to it, and the miniaturized USB Type - C port is 1 on the right side To one more simple thing. This is aimed at thinning, and for the same reason it seems that the SD card slot that is installed in the current model 13 inch model is not installed.

It seems that thinning of the main body is realized thanks to that. In the current machine on the right side of the image the thickness for mounting the MagSafe 2 terminal and the USB terminal is left, but it is totally different thickness in the predicted CG which will be only the USB Type - C terminal on the left side.

Although it is concerned about the method of power supply by eliminating the MagSafe 2 terminal, it is supposed to be supplied through USB Type-C which supports power supply of 100 W at maximum. It is expected that the merit of USB Type-C will be demonstrated that realizes connection from power supply to peripheral equipment with a single cable.

Forecast illustration of the new 12 inch model sandwiched between the current 11 inch model and the 13 inch model. The bezel around the display is clearly reduced, and the body width is expected to be slightly increased, while the body width is narrower by about 6 mm than the 11-inch model.

The keyboard laid out on the left and right sides of the main body also seems to play a role in realizing the body width narrower than the 11-inch model. In addition, the speaker which was conventionally installed on the front of the main unit is arranged between the keyboard and the display. It is said that it is considering the thinning of the main body and the cooling efficiency.

By reducing the key pitch as it is, the overall pitch will be reduced.

Please note that these illustrations are based on the information at the current stage, and there is a possibility that changes will be made in the future as well. The announcement of the new 12-inch MacBook Air you care about is expected in 9to 5Mac when it comes to WWDC (World Wide Developer's Conference) to be held in mid 2015. Originally at 9to 5 Mac, we expected that this model will be announced last October.

Does Apple Watch appear in March?
Being late for Android Wear's debut About 8 months will be Apple's first wearable deviceApple WatchIt will be released in March as well.

Apple Watch launch expected in March, retail training set for mid-February | 9to5Mac

9to 5Mac reports information from multiple parties that Apple is preparing to prepare for the March sales start. A special training program will be held in mid-February for representatives selected from the Apple Store in each region, and it is expected that explanations will be made targeting employees in various places just before the launch.

At the moment it is expected and the possibility of being changed due to trouble such as software side seems to be left still, but the appearance of Apple Watch finally appearance is waited for.

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