"IPhone 5se" or "New iPad" is announced or Apple reports that it will hold an event on March 15


It was reported that Apple is expected to hold a new product announcement event on March 15, 2016 (local time). In this event, a new model of the 4-inch iPhone where expectation had gathered "IPhone 5se, The new iPad "iPad Air 3", and "Apple Watch" update edition will be announced.

Apple To Debut New iPad, Smaller iPhone At March 15 Event - BuzzFeed News

Apple eyes March 15 event for iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 & Apple Watch updates | 9to5Mac

According to 9 to 5 Mac and BuzzFeed etc. reported as information from multiple sources, Apple's new product release event will be on March 15 (Tue) in local time and March 16 (Wednesday) in Japan time It is getting rich to be held. For Apple for the first time in about half a year since September last year, it seems that three main new products will be announced.

One such thing seems to be "iPhone 5se", a 4-inch iPhone already reported various information. For this model, it will be downgraded from the latest modelA8 chip mountedAfter the rumor has flowedPossibility to be a high spec model exceeding iPhone 6 with A9 chipIt is interesting that it is rare and exhibits aspects of complicatedness as leak information at this stage, such as being reported. Either way, everything will be revealed at the event, which is supposed to be March 15th.

Possibility of becoming a high-spec model exceeding iPhone 6 with the new 4-inch "iPhone 5se" with A9 chip - GIGAZINE

It also exceeds iPhone's slowdown in salesIPad that sales improvement is revealedIn relation, "iPad Air 3" is expected to be announced. It seems that it will be called the new iPad Air which will be the first time in a year and a half since September 2014. In this model, it is modestly equipped with four speakers similar to the iPad Pro and a Smart Connector that is easy to connect to an external keyboard It is. Also, it is expected that the LED flash of the rear camera which was not included in the conventional iPad will be added.

In addition, Apple Watch is expected to announce a newly designed band. To this, new color will be added to the "sports band" of elastomer material, and luxury brand "Hermes" model and new color "space black" will be added to "Milanese" of stainless steel mesh. Furthermore, it is expected that a new model line using new materials will appear, this is also seen as an army-like heavy duty model using nylon material, but whether it actually appears or not Truth is unknown.

It is a place to worry about the appearance of the new model, but it is important to note that everything seems to be revealed at the March 15 event.

This is not March, but leak information on iPhone's new model "iPhone 7 (tentative name)" which is seen as announced in September. Mac Rumors reports that the body design will be brushed up on iPhone 7.

First Details on iPhone 7 Design: Flush Rear Camera, No Antenna Bands Across the Back - Mac Rumors

Image based on information CG rendering is here. The protrusion of the camera part which controversialized in the iPhone 6 series was solved, the line which divided the back side becomes fewer, and it is predicted to be changed to a simpler and plain design.

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